Book Of another Kind.

The Libary we stole from the other kind. Those, who im banned to go near. Not that they ever come near here anyway, they just give us the crystals and a golden heat we can even stand.  The Glow is so hot sometimes we must hide in the coalboxes we had to create, down there in the darkness. But thankfully its only on the odd occasion. No ones allowed in the cyrstals or you'll turn into one of them. but i'd love to see how that feels like. it would feel truly beautiful. But no one seems to understand.

I walk over to a large oak bookshelf. Fay knows what im about to do, as always i pick up a small book.  Its all about the other kind. they never know i read it though. Fay gives me a grin, with a look on her face as if to say 'open the book already'.

i slowly turn the front cover, the pages soft but old against my fingertips. Full of wisdom in every word.

The End

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