A face of understanding

I laughed to myself and walked down a long corridor, it was the main corridor, made of fine glass, see-through all the way around, and below my feet was nothingness, a huge hole, such mystery no one was allowed to question. Though of course ive tried. Being ever so curious or 'reckless' as everyone calls me. I walked maybe half a mile before coming to a large spiral staircase, painted silver, numbers ingraved onto the side going up. '1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555' each number of the high priestesses and highnesses in the past. My number was 6666, nothing at all to do with what some call the devil, but the number 6 was incredibly unlucky in my customs. I stepped up the staircase, slowly aproaching the top to a huge green door.

'Melva!' A gentle womans voice spoke from below me. I turned around and looked down the staircase.
'Hey Fay, come up?' I called down. Fay is my best friend, though its most probably frowned upon by everyone else to have close freindships with the other kind. In my eyes shes no different to me, her skin is grey and not white, but its not like shes got a pink tounge. Shes the only one who seems normal to me. Everyone else worries about me,or is scared of me. Fay aprouched me and gave me a gentle nod of the head, we both walked through the large green door, into the libary.

The End

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