Capsule of norm

'Take this!' The voice said and a small tablet like item was placed into my hand. I opened my eyes and looked at it carefully. It was a small silver and green capsule.
'Take it now.' The voice said with urgency. I looked up to see a many eyes on me. Same as always.
'Fine okay.' I grumbled, then i placed the capsule onto my tounge ever so slowly. It melted so cold on my tounge, it was almost painful.
'Open your mouth, let us see.' Another voice from my right spoke. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tounge. There was a sigh of relief from around the room.
'Good its green. All better now. Now stop it. We've told you more than once to not go outside into the cyrstals.' A strong deep mans voice said sternly to me.
'Yeah yeah, you dont control me you know Theo.' I laughed standing up and pirouetting and skipping out the room.
'No but we must look after you, heal your mind, keep you safe from them.' Theo called out the room after me.

The End

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