ive just let this flow from my brain as i type, not too sure what im doing with this, basically its a girl/woman called Melva, she seems to be protrayed in the story as a priestess but they arnt human though she is human like in her characteristics.

The air was chilly, nipping at my skin, my cheeks were red, but the rest of my face was as ice white as the snow falling peacefully to the ground around me. Everything was so silent, no noise, no birds, beautiful silence, breathing in and out and seeing the air coming out of my mouth.  It was so cold, but i couldnt feel it. No shoes, no gloves, no hat, not even a jacket was worn on me. Most people wouldnt dream of wearing a petite yellow dress in the snow, but i was, lying on the snow covered ground, staring into the marshmallow clouds above me. So silent.

'What are you doing?!' A voice called from my left. I groaned. 'Typical.' I thought. I could never be left in peace for very long.
'Go. Away. Now.' I wanted to say. But i knew i couldnt. I sat up and a warm red and brown checkered blanket was placed around my shoulders and i was lifted off the ground. I closed my eyes. Happens every day.

The End

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