"Leyla," Ben groaned and rolled over off me onto his back.

     I sat up, and straightened out my tank top. "Don't get mad at me just because you can't keep anything from me." I said smugly, trying to work on my hair next.

Ben buried his face in his hands. "You shouldn't have told her in the first place."

"Ben, she is my best friend! And you can't say you aren't glad I did, at least you can't say it honestly." I crossed my arms over my chest, threw my legs off the bed, and stood up, not facing him. "Now Saturday I'll be at Mel's, helping her get rid of that lame excuse for a father. You can either help me, tell Dylan to get lost before then, or stay out of my way." my voice had a lot of attitude, and hatred towards Dylan.


     Ben and I stood in the kitchen at Melody's house, he's still in a snit for "guilting him into coming with me" so he's standing across the room from me, arms crossed stubbornly over his chest, trying to avoid looking at me.

"You're totally over-reacting, I didn't make you come, you could have stayed home, or even warned Dylan, but you didn't so quit bitching please."

Ben shook his head, making his hair go into his eyes. I rolled my eyes, and went in front of him, put my arms around his waist, and made him put his around me. Ben was still avoiding making eye contact with me. "Stop please," I said sweetly, he shook his head farther away from me, "Ben, why are you so upset about this? Its not your life, Dylan thinks you are a total asshole, he thinks I'm annoying, and its not fair what he is doing to Melody and Kyra."

He sighed, and rolled his head over to finally face me, "I agree that what he is doing to that little girl and Melody is wrong. I don't care what he thinks of us." Ben looked up from under his lashes at me, "What if it was us in this situation?" his arms locked behind me, as sadness and curiosity filled his gorgeous black/blue eyes.

"What do you mean?" I asked my arms dropping from around him, and trying to not panic.

'What if I was about to propose to you, and Melody had told you that I was going to? What if we had a baby, I was jetting off to another country every other day not bothering to stay home with you and our new baby? Would you want Melody in here waiting to cast me out of the house in case I didn't take no so lightly?"

I stood up straighter, "First, Melody would be here anyways whether I said no or not. And I get where you are coming from Ben I really do, but yeah I'd want her there if we were in a similar situation. But we aren't and Kyra deserve better than the father she has. Melody would do better raising her on her own than with him. Plus its not even his kid! Dylan just thinks Kyra is his, even you know who the real father is."

Ben sighed, "Yeah, but if Clara hadn't slipped him that thing in his drink Dylan wouldn't have slept with Dana who was wearing the same costume as Melody at the Halloween Party and gotten the two of them confused in his incapacitated state," Ben chuckled, "you'd have to be an idiot to think Dylan was actually Kyra's father cause one he looks nothing like her, and two Melody would never have slept with Dylan no matter how drunk she was."

I laughed and hugged him, "Exactly why Melody stuck with Sebastien for so long."

The front door opened and Melody came in carrying Kyra in her carrier. Sebastien followed behind her carrying a pale pink baby bag. Melody sat the carrier on the couch and pulled out Kyra, craddling her against her shoulder. Sebastien had the same glazed over look that he now always had since Melody gave birth to Kyra.

"I'm guessing he isn't here yet?" Sebastien said looking at Ben and I.

Both of us shook our heads.

"He better be here soon, I want to get this over with fast."

Melody shot him a furious glare. I walked from the kitchen to Melody's side and let Kyra take hold of my index finger with her whole hand. "Sebastien, I love you, but shut up."

The End

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