Lie Through Your TeethMature


"You told Leyla?" Dylan asked appalled, he was giving me the most outrageous look at distaste and utter disbelief.

"Yeah so,it shouldn't matter if you ask her tomorrow Leyla won't have time to tell her before," I shrugged and flipped aimlessly through my paperwork.

"Its does matter Ben. Melody and Leyla are best friends, they have been 100% honest with each other for years I really don't think that will stop now, even for this." he pulled out the black velvet box again.

Wonderful, he actually has the ring now...How would he react if he knew ahead of time that Melody was going to say no....

I closed the file that I was pretending to look through."How upset would you be in Melody, said no to marrying you?"

Dylan laughed, "Why would she say no? She has no reason to,"

I spun my chair around, pounding my fist into my forehead. "Oh, she might have a few..."

Dylan looked up from the now open jewler box, "Did you say something?" his face was as clueless and as dopey looking as ever.

I forced a genuine smile, "Oh, nothing."




           Kyra made weird, bubbling noises in her carrier as Melody and I walked through the mall. There was a little red headed boy behind us making funny faces at her, causing the little three month old brunette baby to start giggling. Melody kept looking at me and smiling, because she knew that the little red haired boy had no idea we knew he was making faces at her.

"So, Ben told me something the other night," I said as casually as I could. "About Dylan...and you...." I bit my bottom lip hard.

Ben is going to kill me if I tell her....

She gave me a kind of funny side-ways glance, but I saw her eye brow closest to me rise up in speculation.

"What about Dylan and I?"

I shrugged, "Just about this weekend."

"That explains...everything?" her eye brow raised a little higher.

Kyra started fussing so Melody stopped at a bench and took the little girl out, holding her against her shoulder.

"Okay if I tell you have you to promise not to tell Ben, or Dylan or even let you already knowing effect your answer."

Melody started walking with Kyra again, and I picked up the carrier.

Maybe I should take Kyra in case she freaks....

"Can I see Kyra before I tell you?"

"Sure?" though she seemed a little confused she handed the baby over, and I held Kyra against my shoulder.

"He is going to porpose to you this weekend." I said slowly, drawing my words out slightly.

Melody's eyes widened, "Okay.....eww........!" she dragged everything out weirdly long, and it sounded more like "ew-a" then just "ew".

Obviously Melody was not open to the idea of getting married to Dylan at all. Totally what I told Ben, now hopefully Ben is telling him that before Dylan actually asks her.

"Shit, fuck, piss!" Melody exclaimed.

Yes, its a little weird, but it is her torrets, she doesn't actually have it, but when she says that, it sure seems like it.  Kyra apparently was spooked by the loud voices and started crying on my shoudler. Instinctively I started boucning gently, trying to rock her, but she kept crying, Melody finally reached over and took her off of me.

"Grab that titanium bottle out of the baby bag please." she ordered still rocking the baby was we walked.

I found the bottle and handed it over to her, Melody moved Kyra to her arms and stuck the bottle in the infant's mouth.

Melody sat down at another bench outside of Wal-Mart. She started humming a song that I didn't recognize, and rocking Kyra.

"So what are you going to do? Obviously you don't want to say yes."

"Uh, duh no!" Melody exclaimed again.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, I kind of got that, but really? What exactly are you going to do? Its Dylan, he might feel a little awkward if you say no...and then you guys still live together, espeically with Kyra and all." I said, chewing nervously on my lip.

Melody shrugged, "Say 'sorry buddy, get the fuck out'."

I left one eye brow go up and the other come down in confusion, "Even after just having a kid with the fuck-head?"

Melody looked up, and shot daggers into mine, "Not like he sees her." her voice was so mean, so unusual for her.

I nodded, "True. So you're kicking him out? How do you think he is going to take that?" my teeth went into my lip again.

"Yes I am and not very well, not like I haven't been thinking about it." she was serious, completely. Melody even sounded a little pissed off.

I nodded again, "Again true. What if he gets really upset?"

Melody shrugged, "All the more reason to kick him the fuck out." Pure hatred had been added to her voice now.

"You shouldn't be there by yourself when you do it though, just in case..." I shook my head trying to chase a horrible mental image away.

Melody's posture straightened right up, her shoulders where back, almost military like, but with more confidence and force. "I could kick his ass easily..." she muttered, "but if you want to see the fun..." she shrugged again.

I laughed, "It would be pretty funny to see. You probably could too, he is really weak."

Melody's eyes rolled, and a smile fianlly crossed her face. "You have no idea."

Kyra made a loud slurping sound in her lap, both of us laughed.

"Don't know why you stayed with Dylan this long if you hate him so much." I shook my head, still smiling.

Melody said simply "Kyra", then she looked down at her daughter a smaller smile on her face.

"One word sums it all up eh?"

"Fo sho," she laughed, looking back up.

"What was your excuse in high school? You broke up with him once to go out with Sebastien then took his sorry ass back..."

"Cause he wouldn't leave me alone!" Melody exclaimed.

"Sounds about right," I giggled a bit, remembering how she always used to complain about him going off about how much he missed her.

"And he just kinda came over one day and was like 'all my stuff is pretty much here, so I'm moving in, moms' house didn't do it for me', and I was like whatever," she did a great fake impression of Dylan, that made me laugh harder.

"Ew, he is older than us, why was he still living with his mom?"

"Your surprised?"

"Not really, but still, that is pathetic." I made an appaled face, felt kind of weird even to me.

Melody nodded, taking the now empty bottle from Kyra and putting it back in the bag. She placed the litte baby on her shoulder, trying to burp her. "Yup."

"Fine, since its going to bug me all night anyways if you are there by yourself when you turn him down Ben and I are coming over. Ben knows when Dylan is asking you."

Melody rolled her eyes Uh oh. Where are you going to be?"

"In the house? Where else?" I shook my head. "We could always show up after...I don't know its up to you."

"Lets just ask Ben cause we're going to contemplate this for an hour about when." Melody said putting Kyra, now satisfied, back in her carrier. We both got up and started walking towards Coles again.

"Probably, I'll phone him later." I laughed.



The End

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