Melody's Not-So-Happy EndingMature

"Ben," I whined crawling across our bed to where Ben was sitting on the edge, "you have to tell me what he said."

He had gotten back from the Powell River Kings game with Dylan about two ago, and said that we should watch his six month old daughter Kyra on Saturday. When I asked him why he said that Dylan had something special planned with Melody, his girlfriend and Kyra's mother.

He shook his head as I started rubbing his shoulders from behind. "Nope I told Dylan I wouldn't, guy code of secrecy."

"That is total bullshit, only girls have that, guys go around telling everyone stuff." I pouted, and slumped, letting my hands drop down his back. Ben stood up, and turned to face me, I looked up under my eyes lashes and bangs at him.

"Don't look at me like that?!" he exclaimed, looking torn.

I knew the look he was talking about, I always gave him when I wanted something from him, whether it was a sip of his coffee, or sex. It was both seductive and inticing, with a 100% accuracy rate.

He leaned forward, his palms open on the bed right next to my knees, his thumb started stroking both my knees lightly, I was still giving him the "look" and he was looking at the floor, already Ben was crumbling. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my thighs, Ben looked up at me, his eyes smoldering. He was fighting fire with fire, or I guess hot, passionate look with hot, passionate look in this case. Ben moved his hands up, his body following his hands forward, his fingers were spread apart as the stopped at the top of my thighs and moved from side to side from my inner to outer thigh. He was extremely close to me, our breaths mixing, his eyes still holding mine.

Crap, crap, crap. I exlaimed mentally in my head, I could feel myself crumbling under his gaze!

"Don't you think we could come up with something better to occupy our time doing than talking about what our friends are doing during the weekend?" he voice was husky and seductive, I had to bit my lip down hard to make sure a groan didn't escape my lips.

I leaned back, the matress cushioning my fall, Ben was kneeling on the bed looming over me now. He remained eye contact with me as I fell backwards, his hands had finally moved and now were above my head.

"Probably," I gasped, "but, I think I can hold back a bit to find out what he said." I smirked, and crossed my arms over my chest. It took all my will power to not pull him down to kiss me, but I could always make that up later.

The smoldering dimmed from his eyes, and his sighed, clearly defeated. As soon as I heard that noise, I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down so he was lying on top of me, I started kissing his neck, jaw and collar bone.

"You should tell me what he said." I persuaded, runnning my nails lightly down his back, I felt him shiver against me.

I could feel Ben start to protest and pull away, but I claimed his lips, full force behind mine, and rolled him on to his back.

"Tell me."

The End

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