She FiredMature

The Doctor regarded Melody for a moment. She looked up at him with big bright curious eyes and his hearts melted into little puddles in his chest.

He smiled down at her, "I'm the real-est Doctor you will ever meet," He tapped a finger to her nose. She giggled, her cheeks turning a bright pink.

"And as for knowing your parents, I've known your mother since she was a little girl, just like you," The Doctor dashed around the console, hitting switches and pressing buttons, tapping 'once upon a time' into the typewriter.

Melody watched him in awe, gasping as the time rotor moved up and down, the ancient engines grinding from the parking brakes.

The ship came to a screeching halt, throwing poor Melody to the floor.

The Doctor hurried to help her. She held up her arm, displaying a bruise, "I've got an ouchie,"

The Time Lord kissed it, grinning boyishly, "There, all better, now come on!"

He grabbed her hand, walking her to the door. Throwing it open, he yelled outside, "AMELIA POND!"

"Sorry, Doctor,"

Before them stood Madame Kovarian, a positively evil smile on her face. She aimed a pistol, not at the Doctor, but at little Melody Sanders.

She fired.


The End

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