Melody gasped as inside the small box was even bigger than her garden! Doctor Smith is talking on a phone so she took the chance to wander around.

The room has an orange tinge to it. There is a large risin area right in the centre with some sort of column in the middle of it. The Doctor is sounding worried so she runs up the steps to see if she can do anything to help him.

"Madame Kovarian you are not having her. She does not belong to you." Doctor Smith was saying into the phone.

Melody gave a jump at the name Kovarian. She remembered the silver patch on her eye that seemed to be super glued to it. That eye patch is what scares Melody.The way it catches the light and reflects what ever it sees.

"No. I will take her to where she belongs andthen I will find you." Doctor Smith was telling Madame Kovarian. Melody knew the odd doctor was talkingabout her.

"Take me where?" She asked him when he was about to open his mouth.

"Oh sorry Melody. I know where you're real parents are and they want you back really bad." He told her solemly.

"Oh."was all she could say.

"Yes she is with me and no you will not find her andyes I am to smart for you." The Doctor was saying into the phone. There was a pause as the woman said something else.

"Why? what do you want to say to her?" The man snapped. Melody could hear anger in his strange voice. She shook her head. She did not want to talk to her.

"She doesn't want to." The Doctor said. Was that a hint of smugness in his voice?

The Doctor then swung the phone back down angrily.

"Not likely." He told the column.

"What was she saying? Do you really know my parents? Is this really a time machine? How do you know Madame Kovarian? Are you a real Doctor?" The words forced themselves out of Melodys mouth before she could stop to think. She looked at him expectantly for an answer.


The End

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