The MadameMature

The Doctor was fumbling with his TARDIS key, jiggling it in the lock.

"Oh come on old girl! I just need to call Amy and then I'll grab Melody, don't worry!"

He stroked the peeling blue paint on the door, frowning as flakes came away onto his palm.

"What is that?"

He whirled around on the spot, tripping on his own two feet and nearly falling over. Melody stood staring at the TARDIS with fascination.

"Oh this?" The Doctor patted the police box affectionately, "This is my time machine,"

The little girl seemed unimpressed by this, "It's awfully small,"

The Doctor leaned down so that he was eye to eye with her, "Want to know a secret?"

Melody nodded solemnly.

"It's bigger on the inside," The Doctor whispered, giving her a conspiratorial wink.

A phone began to ring.

"Oh bother," He muttered, turning to open the TARDIS doors.

To his relief, they swung open this time, revealing the vast interior of the Time Lord's ship.

Melody gasped in surprise, wandering cautiously inside. She began to explore the control room while the Doctor burst inside, running up the stairs to the console.

He raced to the phone, picking it up.

"I found her!" He gasped, assuming it would be Amy on the other end of the line.

"Yes. Yes you have," A snide voice replied.

The Doctor pulled the reciever away from his ear, staring at it as though it had turned into a banana.

"Who is this?" He put the phone back to his head, absently wrapping the spiral cord around his index finger.

"You have obtained something that belongs to me, Doctor," The woman hissed.

"I'm only going to ask one more time - who is this?" He demanded, his voice rising in anger.

"Madame Kovarian,"

The End

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