"Why was that a different Doctor?" Melody asked her mother as soon as the strange man had stepped out.

"You heard him. Doctor Hammer is sick." Sandra replied as she sat down on one of the two large sofas.

"Can I go outside?" Melody asked tentavely as she was very rarely aloud out because 'It is to dangerous' but Melody does not believe that at all.

"Why? What will you do? You have no friends." Sandra told Melody.

yes, because youwon't let me make any. Melody's thoughts snapped but Melody knew not to say anything like that if she wanted supper for the next month. "I want to make some friends because I get bored inside." Melody then decided to say.

"No. You can play with you're own toys. That is why I get you them." Sandra told Melody in the tone of voice that said 'No arguing. I am not in the mood.'

"Okay." Melody sighd as she turned to go up to her room. Then an idea struck her, "Can I go up to the attic and explore?" She asked barely able to contain her exitment.

"No. Definitely not. You can go up to your room and play with your toys." Sandra said in the same tone of voice as before.

Melody walked out the room. Her small head hanging down staring at her white socks.

Up in her room, Melody went over to the large windows at the opposite end of the room and looked outside.

The gardens were enormous. 5 acres all together. Melody looked aroud at the familiar grounds but in the distance was an odd blue shape. No matter how much Melody squinted her hazel eyes she could not make out what it was.

Melody made a quick decision. She twirled on the spot and stopped when her body was facing the door.

"Out we go." She said quietly to her self. She took the 20 steps to the door and opened it.

Poking her head out,she saw that no-one was there so she stepped out and closed the door behind her. She turned left which she knew led to a secret passage which would take her outside.

She bent down and squeezed into the little door. She slid down the tube and ended up in the garden.

Behind the apple tree far, far away she could see the blue thing a little clearer. It was some sort of box.

Whith that one thought on her mind she set of to dind out what it is.

The End

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