It's a paper cut!Mature

"Mum. It is a little cut there is no need to bring out Doctor hammer." Melody complained as her mother picked up the phone.

"Yes I do. It could be infected." her mother replied sharply.

"Honey. You need to lay of for a while. It is a paper cut for heavens sake!" Darren Sander said coming slowly into the room.

"well if she gets hurt from that then she shouldn't be playing with paper." Sandra snapped back. Melody Sander sighed as her mother started talking, once again, as if she weren't in the room.

"Please may I go?" Melody asked as politely as she could.

"Yes but be careful." Sandra told her automatically.

"I will." Melody told them. She then turned around and headed towards the door trying her very best not to run from the bickering and shouting that is due to come any minute.

She reached the second floor as the shouting began. She ran towards her favorite room which was at the end of the long hallway.

Once in the room she closed the door and slumped against it. She felt her frustration flow out of her as the grandfather clocks continuouse ticking filled the room.

Melody loves this small wooden room. The only things in it being an old un used computer desk, a large empty wardrobe and the clock.

Melody went over to the wooden floorboard where she had stashed her prize. A small Brocken watch which had been found on her person when she was found and moved to the orphanage. Melody shivered as she remembered the dark, dampness of the orphanage and the evil Madame Kovarian who kept checking on her.

Melody sat on the floor under the clock and looked at the watch. On the side looking up at her were inticant carvings. All circle and Melody had the feeling that they were words in some sort of language but she never could figure out what language it was.

"Melody? The doctor is here" Sandra called up.

Melody quickly rehid the clock and then ran out the room. She ran down the stairs andoutside the sitting room door where she paused. The mans voice was not the voice of her doctor. It sounded different. Old but young at the same time. The voice confused Melody.

"Melody. Come on The Doctors waiting." Sandra yelled out.

Melody took a deep calming breath and stepped into the room to see who this strange man is.

The End

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