Melody PondMature

A phone rang sharply, its insistent buzz grating on one's ears. The time rotor of the TARDIS moved up and down, the glass bubbles reflecting the Time Lord's face.

'Oh blimey, okay, probably leave a message at the tone or something - sorry, I wasn't really trying to do this I was looking for the BRAKES!'  The answering machine clicked on after the strange message which was obviously created at a moment of great peril.

'Doctor? Doctor can you hear me? Are you ever going to hear this? You don't even know you've got an answer phone...' Amy's voice was sarcastic, disbelief at his utter stupidity laced in her words, 'How can you be so clever and so completely stupid at the same time?' The Doctor could not answer this question - he didn't even know!

'Well if you can hear this, please just pick up the phone. Don't get confused, I'm not invisible or trapped in a space ball or something,' The Doctor smiled at this, 'I'm just talking on the answer phone. So just pick up the phone!'

He hung his head dejectedly. He couldn't bear to talk to her, not when he was so close....And yet so far.

'You said you'd find my baby. You said you'd find Melody,'

The Doctor opened his mouth to reply, then realized he had never picked up the phone. His hand hovered over it, but he couldn't seem to get his fingers to wrap around it.

'Have you found her? Because you promised. I know she's going to be okay, I know she's going to grow up to be River, but....That's...that's not the point. I don't want to miss all those years, you know? I can't stand it. I can't.'

The Doctor pulled his hand back, eyes screwing shut. He really couldn't answer the phone now. If he did, he would burst into tears.

'Please Doctor, please....Okay. Phone me back when you know something. Please Doctor, at least do that. As soon as you know, 'kay? Alright, bye.'

The machine shut off, a loud tone screaming through the TARDIS. The Doctor sighed, closing his eyes. He felt as though he would never know anything about Melody's whereabouts.

The time rotor continued to slide up and down, the great ancient time machine searching the universe for Amy's child.

The Doctor watched it's motion thoughtfully for a moment, before hanging his head sorrowfully.

And so the search continued for Melody Pond.



The End

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