Melody of the Autumn Leaf

A nine year old girl named Melody has become dejected with life after losing both parents before her tenth birthday, finds passion through singing.

I cry, but I have no pain. When I
sing, my heart starts and stops like car engines in mall parking
lots. I do not know why I am who I am, but I do know that life is not
always people gear it up to be. I may be only 9 years old, but if my
short life has taught me anything it is that pain follows us closer
then our friends, closer then our families, closer the then even our
shadows. It lingers like a flickering light, and only goes away right
as our eyes have become accustomed to the to the intensity of the
change. This I can tell you about being 9: When you grow up with only
one parent, it sucks. When you lose your only living parent under the
age of ten, you begin to feel a certain dejection towards emotion, a
detachment. I am apathetic towards emotion and have so lived without
the concentrated worry of worry for the past three months. That was
when my dad died, from some illness I do not know. My mother died on
my birthday, due to complications of childbirth. She did do one thing
for me though, before she died. She gave me my name of Melody, of
which I am eternally grateful.

The End

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