Furry friendMature

Luchia, Rina and Hannon toke to the aquarium.We went to the penguin section. and who did we see? Hippo the bright blue penguin, surrounded by girl penguins! Even a huge girl penguin wanted him!

Luchia has brown eyes when she's human and blue eyes when she's a mermaid.They show me the school that they all went to. Luchia shows me the mini flower board charm that Kaito made for her.  

Even got to meet Kaito and Taru for myself!

We all put on a show for all the custmers in the restarant down stairs.

Everyone enjoys it.

I go to the same school that Luchia, Hannon, Rina and Kaito went to.

And Guess what?

Kaito-like blonde boy was there! He looked at me and smiled.

I felt like I was going to faint!

I went up to him and ask him what his name was.

He siad"I'm Dax. Dax Kaito jr."

I told my name was Lilly.

We walked together along the beach.

I told him to wait with his back to me.

I quickly jumped in the sea and went back to him.

I sang to him the 'Legned of mermaid' song.

I told him to figure out who I was.

I then I went away and came back to him normal again.

I then went up to my room and went to sleep.

Happy with what i had done.

The End

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