Miracle memoryMature

It was a day like another, I was walked at the seaside and saw the sea shimmer. Then it happend. I caught a glipse of a tail, a PINK one. So my first thought was could that be mother? Then i shoke my head and started walking again. Then I heard singing! Three voices singing in harmony! The voices were coming from the sea and the words were the same ones my mother had sang to me every night. The next thing you know, I saw saw three heads appear in the sea. I looked closely and then relised the true. My mum and her friends are mermaids!!! So that must mean I'm a mermaid too!! They spot me and quietly call me over. I went in and followed them. Apartly my own dad with his spiky brown hair knows Luchia's sercret but he worked it out for himself.We run into Maria the ice girl. the girl thats one of them.Luchia,Rina and Hannon transform.They sang the lend of the mermaid song. while i watched and sang along.

Yuri,Gaito,Izul and Eriru came and tried to help Maria but our song was too strong for them. so they 'ran' away. Luchia,Rina and Hannon taught me how to transform.

They show me where Luchia use to live. A huge pink plalace in the sea. well it was amsome! Then we went back to the beach. I saw a really hansome guy with blonde spike hair who looked a bit like Katio. I watched him dreamily. Then we went back to the 'house' where we were staying.

That night, I dreamt that i was on a boat out at sea and Katio-like dreamy boy was there and saw me transform. I told what i was and disolved in to bubbles. That i woke up screaming. once i had calmed down i sang a lullaby and luballed myself back to sleep.(or rather my mum did that.)

The End

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