I Just Want to TalkMature

When we got to the ball I instantly dispersed from my family, finding a seat in the corner of the room. My hair was tied up with pearls and green ribbon and I picked out a small book that I had hidden within my dress. Many men asked me for a dance, to which I replied the same each time.

But then one guy walked in, he had long blonde hair tied back in a navy blue ribbon that matched his suit and as he looked at me, my eyes caught his and I looked away, back to my book. But I could hear his footsteps drawing closer. “May I have this dance, Miss Rose?” He asked serenely. I replied like I did to everyone else:

“No, I am terribly sorry. May I ask why you would like this dance?” But unlike the other answers of ‘you are very striking.' Which I would reply to, ‘then my sister may like a dance, I however am busy.' I never did like it when they only looked to my looks and on top of that, they only compliment me on them too!

But his answer was different he smiled, his hand still suspended there as he spoke softly, his glistening spring- green eyes gazing into my deeper green orbs, “I am a poor boy and a dance with you would make this life seem so much grander.”

I need no further persuasion, but I looked around considering it, my book closed and placed on the table. I eventually nodded and he beamed, “oh I am so lucky!” He grinned and I couldn’t help but giggle a little. We never did get to dance though, because just as I rose the man from before marched over and began to shout at Albert, but he remained cool.

He had grown up so much since the time he was a little kid, why didn’t I see him earlier? His family wasn’t extremely poor, they owned their own business and it was thriving in fact, he was well respected in the community. But unlike our families he was no aristocrat... he was from a ‘new money family.’  But as I watch him argue with this pauper that was below both of us I was in awe.

“Miss Rose can dance with any person she chooses. She just happened to choose me,” at this point I had zoned back in again and I nodded.

“Yes and I would like to dance now so, excuse me.” I stepped past him, my hand in Albert’s as I stepped onto the dance floor. “You’ll have to excuse me, I never learnt how to dance with a partner, but I have picked some things up,” I slightly laughed, as his hand slid onto my waist and his other hand grasped mine and we began to twirl with the other people.

“Not at all, miss.” I smiled, looking up at him. He was a few heads taller than me and two years older, but I liked that. It had been a few minutes before my father marched up to me and told me we were going.

I shook my head and he growled, “Okay, fine. But I trust Grace to bring you home later.” I beamed when he left, he obviously did not want to stay here any longer than he had to.

We danced until the song finished and then I grinned, pulling Albert away and out into the gardens, away from the golden ballroom. He asked me where we were going, but I ignored the question, tugging him through the blooming flowers to a little enclave that was shaded by many trees and beneath the shade was a stone bench.

I sat down on it and he grinned, sitting beside me with no invitation. Like Gabriel a few nights before he sat on the opposite end to me and I sighed, I wouldn’t move too fast this time, he can make the first moves. I just came out here to talk.

“You really have grown tall, Albert.” He nodded, absently looking around, a faint blush on his cheeks.

“Yes, I have, father said I’m one of the tallest in the village.” This time I nodded, my eyes softening as I saw how awkward I made him.

“Albert, why are you blushing?” I asked and he looked at me for a moment, considering his answer.

“You have taken me to a secret place away from other people; I’m not sure how to react.”

 “I only want to talk.” I smiled, trying to ease the burden he was creating for himself. Though, I was falling again and I sure felt like I wanted something more than to talk. But as Albert let out a sigh of relief, edged with a little melancholy I knew he didn’t want to just talk either.

The End

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