After that day I had my heart torn out, I spent most of my time in my room, it was good though I guess, I got to practice my violin a lot more. They wanted me to play an instrument that would show off my grace, which was originally the piano, but I just don’t have the fingers for it. I find it hard to reach the chords. So, mum suggested this to me.

I’m pretty good at it I think, better than singing anyway. I looked out the window, there was a carriage pulling up outside and my father and mother came out of it. I sighed and returned to my bed, looking up at the silk dress that was laid on the chair in the corner of the room, it was winter so the dress was a pale lilac and blue adorned with ribbons and frilly accents.

I knew that now that mother and father were home it would be time to be going soon and just on time my maid walked in, her name was grace and she was fairly young. Father didn’t know that I gave her extra money for her family, but, I don’t mind. I never use it anyway.

“Come on, Miss Rose.” She called so my father could hear and closed the door behind her, I nodded and sighed moving to slip on my dress. I wasn’t as idle as my sisters, I dressed myself mainly, I just needed Grace to lace me up at the back. As she did so and my corset was pulled tightly, followed by my dress, I tried to lighten up.

After the dress I moved to my vanity dresser and sat down, allowing Grace to pull my curls up and tie them with ribbon and what-not. “Tell me, Grace, are you coming with us today? It is the town ball after all. It only happens once every year.”

I could see her reflection in the mirror as she nodded, “but I don’t have a dress other than the one you see me with now Millie.” We were such great friends she didn’t just call me Melissa, but I had a nickname too. Grace was my best friend though; she was always there for me, through everything.

“You may borrow one of mine if you wish, we’ll just alter it a little,” I offered and she shook her head, her hand dropping one of the clips she held.

As she bent to pick them up she replied in a slightly higher pitch, “No Millie! I couldn’t.”

I sighed, “oh poppycock Grace! You know you can, I don’t care about dresses and such you know that!”  She nodded and continued pinning up my hair. She knew I was persistent; I’m a good fighter, especially for a just cause.

When she is done and I look like a spoiled princess I walk to my wardrobe and look through the dress, picking out a particularly light pink one which was given to me by my sisters, never liked it of course. I handed it to her, “quick, go and get the servants to edit it for you, quick hurry.” I smiled, ushering her out of the room. She grinned, squealed and ran off.

I smiled descending the stairs swiftly after her; I did not talk to anyone as I left for the ball. This was the only time of the year where I could talk to the peasants and not be persecuted for it. I looked forward to it.

The End

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