Something i wrote whilst feeling sad one evening.

A tear brimmed from my eye as i lay in hopelessness and despair. I gather my blades and scar my skin without care. Dragging it carefully across, the fusillade transmits an agonizing impulse creeping through my skin. Pain lingering, the familiar feeling returned. Paralyzed in awe, blood seeped through my skin, my blurred vision fixated on the puddle of blood enclosing me. Tears streaming, carefully caressing the tenderness of my skin. A heavy melancholic weight on my shoulders, inescapable. It slithers through my veins, dominating my thoughts. I am drowning mentally in a world of bleakness. Unfathomable thoughts, misguided by the harshness of the world. Secluded from reality, I am fragmentary, beyond recoverable. I have drifted away from happiness, my mind transformed into an expanse of sorrow. Consumed by self hate, i'm in an affliction of mutilating my body, my only release. A powerful craving. My only pathway to contentment. Bruised soul.

The End

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