Megan in Suburbia Chapter 6

Louisa's point of view that Tuesday

" Get out, freak, " hissed the blonde teenager who wantes me out of my own bedroom sharpish.

This blonde teenager was not a bully.Unfortunately, it was my older sister Claire, who was forced by our mother to share a room with me.Now she wanted me out so she could use it for her own selfish reasons.

" Why? " I demanded to know.

" Because I have to get ready.I'm going out tonight on a date.You better dare not tell Mom or I'll give your video games to the poor next Christmas. "

" With who? " I asked." Shane? "

" No, I'm going to a nightclub with Kris, okay Miss Nosey? "

" Kris? " I snorted." He's a jock. "

" So? And why do you get to comment on my boyfriend?Well, one of my boyfriends.I mean, you've never dated.And you probably won't, seeing as you're fat. "

Claire really pissed me off sometimes.I mean, she's not stick-thin but she's curvaceous so you can't call Claire fat.You can for me.I know that it's puppy fat that I'll lose later on but it really bugs me when I see all the skinny girls in my class wearing mini skirts and tank tops to show off their figures.I probably can't even fit a mini skirt around my thigh, let alone wear it. I'd only be able to wear it as a bangle on my arm,

I stormed out of my room, feeling miserable, upset. And hungry.I went downstairs to hopefully steal a piece of apple pie my Mom was making.Mom was also mean to me about my weight.She would try to put my on diets, to no avail.Now she wouldn't let me have any snacks.

" Louisa, we are having a nice Irish stew, for Mr and Mrs Wolffe are coming over.If you have a snack right now, before your dinner, you won't be able to eat my nice Irish stew. "

" Since when were we Irish? " I asked.

Mom froze. " It's just a name, that's all, " she hissed. " Now go away before I go mad from your stupidity.Read the Bible. "

" Okay, " I lied.Since my dad was the pastor of one of the churches in Bellview, my family were very religious.Claire, Henry and I were forced to read the Bible every single day, to " help us learn " according to Mom and Dad.It is literally quite boring for a teenager like moi to be forced to read the Bible.

I went outside and saw Shane walking towards his house.I felt sorry for him.He was a nice guy, shy but popular with people for his looks.He wasn't a Jock ( though I heard he did tennis and swimming outside of school).And yet he wasn't a Know It All.He was just Shane.

Then I saw another guy walking down the street.And I fainted.Never in my life had I ever had a crush on a guy.But that all changed.He had longish jet black hair, and wore a Hawaian shirt with matching shorts and flip flops.He wasn't the most handsome person on earth.But that's why I fell in love with him.

I never got to find out his name though because he walked into his house.Which turned out to be Megan's house.And then it clicked.

He must be Megan's brother?

The End

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