Megan in Suburbia Chapter 5

On Tuesday I discovered more of my new neighbours.

Right beside my house, on the left, lived The Wolffes.They consisted of Joan and Luke Wolffe and their three daughters and two sons.Luke Wolffe was the chief policeman of Bellview.He was a pot-bellied man, short in height and had red patchy skin.His moustache curled in such a way that it looked like it was grinning.From what I saw of his personality, he wasn't a very nice man.He yelled quite a lot in his household so much that it was hard not to hear him.

Luke's wife Joan was a quiet stick of a woman.Her personality was best described as like a mouse.She was tiny, and looked sad and weary all the time.She hung out over at the Winter's house a lot of the time.

As for their children, well, they all had the same personalities:loud, obnoxious and huge.It was obvious that they inherited their father's genes.I saw from my opened window that the eldest daughter, Prudence, pushed a kid onto her front garden and demanded his allowance.What made it sadder was that the poor kid was no older than pre-school age and that he didn't have a clue what an allowance was.

On my right lived single mother Shelly Robertson.Her daughter was travelling for a year around the world.Shelly seemed to be nice.She came over to talk to my mother.They chatted for a while until lunchtime, when she left and went back to her house.

Anna Love lived in the house across the road from mine.Anna was an aspiring actress.I didn't talk to her that day.However, Isaw her leaving the house.

She was probably the most interesting person I had seen so far living in Venus Lane.She was dressed in a bohemien style; gypsy skirt with flowery t-shirt and dangly earrings.If you squint your eyes you could see her nose ring.Her long jet black hair was let loose, and she wore a huge sunhat on her head.When I laid my eyes on her, I knew that she was a person I definitely wanted to get to know.

I decided to go out and get a tan.It was two weeks before I was to start my very first day of high school, and I wanted to enjoy the freedom that I had left.

I brought out a blanket and I lied down on top of it. I listened to my iPod and had a little nap.


I felt somebody gently shaking me.I woke up, paused 1234 and looked up to see who it was.I almost fainted.

" Uh, hi.I'm Shane Mauriello and, um, welcome to Bellview.I heard you're new here.What's your name? "

I tried to regain my voice and said, " Megan. "

" Well, hope to see you a lot around here, Megan, " said Shane.And he walked off.

Because I was in such a good mood, I decided to go inside and get myself a bottle of Diet Coke.Just as I went into the kitchen, I caught sight of myself in the hallway mirror.

And almost fainted.Because instead of my normal self staring back at me, a tomato stared back at me.

And my good mood vanished.


The End

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