Megan in Suburbia Chapter 4

I decided that Monday that I would look around Bellview, my new home.I know that there are many places in the town that were named after the Roman and Greek names of the Greek gods.For example, I live in Venus Lane, while there is a nearby spa called Aphrodiate's Spa.Venus and Aphrodiate were the same god of love, just the Romans called her different to what the Greeks called her.

I went shopping in the center of the town, which is called the Zeus Centre.There was a huge shopping centre full of well known shops, I found out.Bellview was more of a mini city than a town, I thought to myself as I entered.

The shopping centre is called Jupiter Shopping Centre.I passed out shops such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfigger.I entered the Juicy Couture shop, knowing that I had loads of money saved up over the year to buy my dream bag.

I found it and purchased it.Just as I was leaving the shop, I heard a girl cry out, " Hey! "

I turned around and saw the girl was walking towards me.She had long golden blonde hair, around the same length as my dark brown.She was about the same height as me and she wore near enough the same clothes as me (pink strappy t-shirt, black leggings and pink wedges).We could have almost passed for identical twins if it weren't for the fact that she was fair haired and I was dark haired.

" Hi, " she introduced herself. " My name is Gwen.I saw you moving into Venus Lane yesterday.I also saw Mrs Winter go over."

" My name is Megan, " I said.

" Cool.Do you like Juicy Couture?" she asked." Because I do. "

" Duh! " I said and she laughed.

I found out a lot about Gwen: her mother was a shoe designer, her dad owner of a lot of places around Bellview.She was going to attend the all girls high school in September, which is where I was going.

I became best friends with a girl I had only known for an hour.As we walked home, Gwen asked, " Do you want to hang around my house? You could meet the rest of my friends.They'd totally love you. "

" Sure.I would have to ask my mother though, " I told her.


A half an hour later, I was lounging around beside Gwen's swimming pool in her back garden.I became instant friends with Brittany and Alesha.

" Hottie alert, " said Alesha and we turned towards her gaze.In the garden of the neighbouring house, a guy of about fifteen or sixteen was cutting the hedges.It was a sweltering hot day, so he had taken off his t-shirt and showed off his chest.He was nicely toned, not beefy like all the jocks his age and yet he didn't have a sunken chest.He was perfect.

" Who is he? " I asked.

" That's Shane.He's fifteen ," said Gwen ," and already going out with Louisa's older sister."

" Louisa has an older sister? " I was curious as to why she didn't come over to welcome us.Meryl obviously had forced Louisa and Henry to say hello.So why not the other daughter?

" Yeah, her name is Maggie.She is a total cheerleader, mean and vain.And when I mean vain, I mean super vain.Victoria Beckham vain, " Alesha told me.

" And what makes it quite weird is that before she hit high school, Maggie was one of those God fearing girls who attended church every single Sunday and wore one of those purity rings.Now, she doesn't give a damn.She's totally promiscuous.And her parents don't even notice. "

" Really? Meryl Winter looks like one of those women who could control anything. "

" Like I said, they don't know Maggie's wild side. And the people who do know can't control her at all. "

" What is Louisa Winter like? " I asked.

" One of those girls who is one of the boys.She doesn't like being a girl.Unfortunately, she is forced into being one by her mother. "

I looked over at Shane, who was still cutting the hedges into some sort of shape.And I felt sorry for him.

Because he was dating the daughter of a desperate housewife.

The End

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