Megan in Suburbia Chapter 2

I brought the box upstairs and started to empty it out.Just then however the door bell rang.

" I'll get it! " I shouted and I went downstairs.I answered the door.

Right in front of me stood a woman with bright blonde hair impeccably styled and wearing clothes that the President's wife would wear.She flashed me a smile, and held a plate full of cookies in her hands.A boy and a girl, whom I presumed were her children, were standing on either side of her and were also dressed in their Sunday best.They didn't look too happy.The girl was about my age.She was the spitting image of her mother, only younger.The boy was probably about ten years old, I guessed.He looked down at the ground when I looked at him directly.

" Welcome to Venus Lane! " cried the woman. " My name is Meryl and this is my daughter, Louisa, and my son Henry.I hope you do like Venus Lane.Here are some cookies I baked for you."

" Um, thank you, " I said.My parents came down to the door.They were surprised, like me, that somebody would bake for us.

" Mom, Dad, this is Meryl, Louisa and Henry, " I introduced.

" Welcome to Venus Lane, " Meryl repeated, shaking my parents' hands.

" I'm Veronica and this is my husband Joe, " Mom said.

" And I'm guessing Joe's short for Joseph? " enquired Meryl.

" No, just Joe, " Dad replied gruffly.I could sense he was unease with this woman.Same here.

" So, where have you moved from?" Meryl asked." By the way, may I please come into your house?" Meryl flashed another one of those commercial smiles.

" Uh sure," Mom said. " And we moved from Chicago. "

" How pleasant, " Meryl said." The hometown of our president. "

" Yes, it sure is." Mom was getting exasperated and annoyed with Meryl.

" So are you a Democrat or a Republican? " asked Meryl, looking around the hallway.How nosy, I thought to myself. I looked at Louisa.When Meryl had gone into kitchen and was out of earshot Louisa said, " Sorry about our Mom.She gets very nosy when it comes to new neighbours."

" I wish she wasn't.My name is Megan, " I introduced myself to her. " Are you thirteen like me? "

" I sure am, " replied Louisa and she smiled.Not a fake one like Meryl, but a genuine one.

" I'm ten, " piped up Henry.

" I actually guessed that, " I smiled at him.Henry scowled and walked into the kitchen.

" He hates to be thought of just ten, " Louisa told me.

" I can see that. "

We walked into the kitchen to hear Meryl saying, " I voted for John McCain in the elections for our President last year.I was upset that Barack Obama got elected, but I took it in my stride."

" Really, " said Mom.Mother always loved sarcasm.

" So, what do you and Joe do for a living, Veronica?" asked Meryl.

" Oh, Joe is a plastic surgeon , while I am a lawyer, " said Mom.

" Really?! " asked Meryl.

" Yes, really, " said Mom. " What about you, Meryl? "

" Oh, I don't have time for a job. I'm a housewife.My husband is a minister though.I suppose I will see you at church, will I? "

" Uh, no, I don't think you will, " Mom said. " You see, we're Catholics."

" Oh.That's a shame.I really did need some help with conducting the choir."

"Well, you're actually lucky, since I have no clue when it comes to singing, " said Mom.She's right.I've heard her sing I Will Always Love You.And it ain't pretty.

" Well, anyway.I am for sure that you will enjoy Bellview! " said Meryl and once again she flashed that annoying smile.She looked around the kitchen and a shiny object caught her eye.

"Oh! Who won that huge trophy?" Meryl asked.

" Megan did.She does Irish dancing, you see.

" Louisa does ballet, don't you dear? "

" I do, " mumbled Louisa.

" Have you got any other children? " Meryl asked.

" Oh yes. I've got a fifteen year old son named Noah and a younger daughter called Kate who's eight.They're upstairs, unpacking their stuff."

" Oh well, anyway I've got to go.I have a roast chicken to cook! " said Meryl.

We said bye to her at the door.When we shut it afterwards Mom said, " That woman is annoying.Now, continue to unpack. "

The End

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