Megan in Suburbia

Megan's family has moved to Venus Lane, the perfect example of stereo-typed suburban life in America.It's like Desperate Housewives without Eva Longoria.
Over the next few months,Megan tries to adapt to her new life and meets some not so perfect characters in Bellview......

"Well, what do you think?" Mom asked as we all got out of the car.

I stepped out of the car.I had oversized Dior sunglasses on that I got for my last birthday.I lowered them,peering at my new home.

"Wow," I said.

I was impressed.Up until now I had lived in an average sized house in Chicago.Now I was moving into a mini mansion in a suburban part of town just a few minutes outside of Los Angeles.

"I get the biggest room!" I shout and I run inside.

I ran up the stairs and reached a bedroom that literally had my name on it.Curious, I opened the door and steppd inside.It was painted my favourite shade of pink and decorated to my taste.My white dressing table was already up, waiting to be cluttered with my make up and jewellery box.The walls were blank for me to put up my posters.

" We had it decorated earlier on for you, " Mom said behind me.I turned around.

" Thank you, " I said." I love my new bedroom. "

" You should really bring your stuff up and start unpacking. Your siblings have started.Catch up. "

I went downstairs and outside to the car.As I took the box full of possessions from the car, I looked around the neighbourhood.All the houses were similar.Big, with kept gardens.Flashy cars were parked outside the houses.

" It's like Desperate Housewives, " I muttered as I went inside.

" Except without Eva Longoria."

The End

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