"Wish You Were Here..." .2Mature

                                                    Charlie stands by the transistor, tapping her long finger nail against the hard wooden surface of her husbands desk, once covered in charts and maps, that now lay in a heap on the floor. WHAT was taking so long?  Something came through over the radio,

"Coast guard, coast guard, this is sea bound vessel, Sea Sliver, we are eighteen nuatical miles east of the, Defender, can be at their location in an half an hour, should we proceed with a rescue? Over"


"Coast Gaurd, this is the Sea Sliver, did you copy our last, Over!"

"Sea Sliver, this is coast guard, we have rescue helicopter in bound now, do NOT attempt rescue, repeat, do NOT attempt rescue, Over!",

"Coast gaurd, this is Sea Sliver, all received, Over!",

                                             Charlie waited for the coast guard to inform her on what was happening, or how long the helicopter would be, but the radio was silent.

                                              Two hundred miles away, sitting in a darken control room, having sent his skeleton night watch out for a break, Simon Brooks watches the computerise report on the Defender, "God, forgive me!", he prays, as he enters his master code, and deletes the report.

"Coast guard, come back, Coast guard , this is the Defender, please come back!", she waits, nothing but static, "coast guard, pleeeaaaassseeee!", she cries down the phone.  The kids are crying too, fear grips the entire family with every tiny rock the yacht makes, certain their tormentor has returned.

"HEY CHARLIE!", Charles yells from the missing stern, "WHATS THE DEAL WITH THE COAST GUARD??!!",

CRASH, the sound of a huge wave cloiding with the back of the yacht,

"THEIR NOT ANSWERING AT ALL, NOW?!", Charlie shrieks back to her husband, "IS THERE ANOTHER FREQUENCY I CAN TRY??!!", Charles doesn't answer, "CHARLES?, CHARLES??!!"

                                                Charlie Patrick, turns on the spot, microphone still in her hand, she stares out to the broken deck, and her mouth falls open, her heart leaps into her throat, Charles is gone.  Charlie drops the microphone and charges out on the deck, she flings herself on to her stomach and crawls to the spilntered stern, looking over the edge, into the midnight sea, praying to find him treading water, looking very sheepish and apologising for scaring the crap out of his family.  She pulls herself out as far as possible, without slipping over the edge, and takes a look into the water, he's not there, not treading water or looking stupid, the water is empty other than a few tinys splinters of wood, and a lot of deep red blood.

"MOMMY?!", shouts Tina from the galley, "MOMMY, WHERE'S DADDY??!!",

Charlie closes her eyes, completely lost as to what to do next, what to tell the children, she takes a deep breath of sea air, and opens her eyes, just in time to see two enormous red eyes in the blood, staring at her through the surface water.  Now she can its dark outline, a huge body below the surface, tail moving from side to side very slowly, fins on either sides of the creatures body, stretching out much further than the width of the yacht, and then the top section, of the biggest mouth she has ever seen, smashes its way through the deck, lifting her, then flipping her across the yacht, past the galley, over the bow, and into the water, thirty feet from where she started.

                                  Charlie tries to hold the small ammount of air in her lungs as she sinks, her own body weight, combined with the speed she hit the water, sending her deep into the depths, the light, midnight blue waters, turning black and murky.  Charlie kicks for all shes worth, the thought of her two children, alone on their sinking yacht with that Monster, making her fight.  She kicks up and pulls through the water with her arms, she can see moonlight in the water again, nearly there!

                                Taking a huge, deep, lung breaking breath of fresh air, Charlie breaks from the water, her entire body aching from the effort.  She spins around in the water, trying to ger her barrings, when she see's the yacht, and freezes in fear.  The creature has trapped its lower jaw in the hull, lodged between the upper and lower deck.  Its trying to tug itself free, bringing its huge upper jaw and enormous teeth smashing into the deck, but it doesn't have enough leverage to rip the deck away anymore.

                              Charlie starts to swim, she heads for her only chance to get back on board, a small ladder attached to the starboard side of the yacht, they'd used it to climb in and out of water, when swimming.  The creature is enormous, but as long as it was stuck, she should be safe.  Charlie is about twelve feet from the yacht, she can hear her children screaming,

"MOMMY!!", their terrified voices carry over the water, her maternal instincts taking over from fear,

"I'M COMING BABIES!!" she screams back, hoping they can hear her over the thrashing of the beast.

                               She swims harder than ever, almost at the yacht, six feet to the ladder, then, then the unthinkable happens, Charlie is helpless to do anything but watch, as the enormous animal attacking her family yacht, drops its body, allows it to slip deeper in the water, pulling itself and the yacht into the depths.  The yacht tips towards the stern, all but the last couple of feet, of the creatures mouth, slips below the surface.

                            Charlie can hear the children screaming again, no words, just screams of fear.  The huge predator, starts shaking its entire body, under the water, causing emmence swells, that bounce Charlie up and down in the water, as she goes up, she can clearly see the tilting deck, her children in the galley, desperately holding onto the leg of their fathers desk.  She goes back down, dropping five feet, her head going under, she kicks herself back up, just as another swell takes her, this time she seems to hover in mid air, her eyes finding the deck, then her heart stops, as her two child, unable to hold on any longer, slide down the wet deck on their backs, grabbing out for anything they can to hold onto, but its to late, and the very last time, Charlie Patrick, see's her children, they are falling feet first, into the black abyss of the monsterous mouth, forever.

The End

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