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The Pacific Ocean

120 Miles West Of California


                                                        Charles Patrick was busily trying to get the main sail of his luxury yacht, the Defender.  An ex-cop, he had gotten very lucky playing the lottery, winning over five million dollars.  He resigned his post, and bought the yacht to give his family a long vacation from the guns, gangs and drugs of New York City.  Things weren't going to badly, as long as he kept Jessie, his ten year old son, amused, and Tina, his sixteen year old daughter, was allowed to sun bathe topless, all was well!

                                                         The surprising crew member, was the children's mother, his ex wife, Charlie.  Charles and Charlie Patrick, ten years he'd put up with that joke, they had separated because of Charles's job, never knowing if he would come home safe, or if she'd be woken up by a phone call, telling her he was dead.  In the end she had packed and left, but only being able to move into a small apartment, she had to leave the children with their father.  This meant that Charles was forced to take a desk job, a nine to five desk job, every droning day slipping into the next, same meaningless tasks and duties, he missed the beat, missed the chase.

                                                        This also, effectively, made his seperation completely pointless, but when Charlie had asked,

"If I come home, will you keep the desk job, or just transfer back onto the streets?!", he had had to be honest,

"Yes, I will!", and she hung up.

                                                        He looked across the deck at her, long brown hair, supple figure and the most amazing ass!  He grinned while staring at it, she was wearing an extremely see through white skirt, setting the table for a late night snack and game of cards, she glanced up, and he quickly looked back to the ropes,

"OK KIDS!", she called below deck, "DINNERS READY!", she waited for the sudden rush of feet, the looks of pure delight at the meal their mother had spent hours making, yeah right!  Jessie appeared first, still listening to his iPOD,

"Jess, off at the table!",

"You say that at home!", he replied,

"Correct!", she said placing knives and forks at all the places,

"Well, if 'the table' is the table at home?" he said,

"Yesssss?!" his mother asked wearily,

"Then I can do it here!", and he popped his ear plugs back in,

"Uhgh!", she sighed, patience wearing thin, "Charles! Please tell our son to remove his head phones!",

"Jessie!", called Charles, still trying to get the knot right!

"COME...ON TINA!!", she called again, the teen eventually waddling lazily up the stairs, carrying a large portable CD player,

"Oh no!", her mother started, your not playing that thing while we eat!", the noise of an electric guitar being played very badly, making her head ache even worse!

"Just quietly, Mom, over here!", she carried the stereo over to a deck chair, by the port rail,

"OK!", she stropped back the table, sat down, then turned her nose up at the thick steak, fries and salad, her mother had prepared,

"Awwww, thank you, honey!", she said sarcastically, then, "Charles are you joining us, or eating with the sail?!", 

Charles walked over grudgingly, he didn't like being beaten, especially by a rope!

"All looks real good, Charlie!", he smiled at her down the table, she smiled back, the kids looked at each other and smile too, this was the happiest their little family had been for so long!

Less than two miles away, hungrily chasing a heard of humpback whales, a primeval killers 'ampullae of lorenzini', pick up the,


It was coming from something alone, from the pattern of its heart beat, it was distressed, somewhere on the surface, and very close!  The mighty hunter pulled away from its intended prey and set out for the new, its lateral lines buzzing with electro magnetic outputs, why attack a herd, when this one was alone, it opened it's mouth wide, allowing more sea water to flow through its gills and took off at incredible speed.

                                                 Charles watched his family eat, his ex-wife was sitting with her head propped up on one hand, elbow resting on the table, poking her steak with her fork, the kids were kicking each other under the table, using their own brand of coded swearing, which they still thought their 'way to old' folks hadn't figured out years ago.  He smiled at them, Charlie looking at him, then taking her head off her hand in puzzlement,

"Whats so funny?!", she asked wearily,

"Just remembering...", he sat up straighter in his seat, "Do you guys remember when we went to that theme park in New Jersey?!",

"You mean the little one, with that farm??!!", asked Charlie, "Why on earth would you mention THAT?!",

"I was just thinking about it, we went to that farm first, right? Then decided to go check out the rides....",

"Only to discover we'd lost someone!", sighed Charlie, stroking Jessie's mop of brown hair,

"Mom!", he complained, trying flatten it again,

"So we took Ti to customer services and asked them to watch her, while we went back!",  Tina began to blush across the table,

"And when we got back to the farm!", Charlie smiled, lightening up and poking her son in the ribs gently, "we found our you in a pig pen, stroking a piglet, covered from head to toe in filth!",

"And then when we got back to customer services!", Charles contined,

"Dad!", Tina hissed through gritted teeth,

"We couldn't find Tina....or the summer boy we'd left her with??!!",


"Until we looked behind the desk!", laughed Charlie, "I thought you were actually going to kill the boy!", she shrieked in laughter at her ex-husband,

"Oh my god! Don't remind me!" he laughed back, "I dragged him all the way to the managers office screaming 'HE ASSULTED MY DAUGHTER!!",

"Dad....I....SWEAR......if you finish that story!!",

"And theres you shrieking at the manager, when Tina shouts.....she shouts...!", Charlie laughing to hard to finish, then both parents together,

"I KISSED HIM!!", and Charles and Charlie Patrick, laugh until they cry, finally controlling themselves, Charles continues,

"So the manager throws us out of his office, bans us from the park and we all drive home in silence, but when we got in..", he took Charlie's hand, "we all cuddled up on the sofa and watched the LettermanI show......I miss that!", and smiling, he reached across the table for his ex-wifes hand, and when she takes it, smiling back it him, Charles Patrick thinks to himself,

"I think we're gonna be OK"


The yacht lurches port, hard, glasses and plates crash from the table, Tina's CD player fall off the deck chair, the song begins repeatedly playing the same three seconds, Jessie jumps up and runs to his mother, Tina, her father, both parents hold their children tight,

"Hey, HEY!", Charles tells them, "Its OK gang, it was probably just a rock!",

"A rock??!!". Charlie intervenes, "Charles, we're anchored!! In the middle of the Pacific!!",

"Good point!", he replies, he pushes his daughter away gently, "Ti, I have to go and look!",

He moves to the port side, trying to see if something passed them, he stared out into the black waters, nothing.  The sea was still, only a few after ripples from the yachts lurch, something touched is hand, he looked down, Tina had joined him, wrapping her arm round her dad, she watched with him,

"Dad, whats that?", she pointed out, about two hundred feet away, where a slow moving swell was gradually losing size, the tell tale sign of a large creature diving, Charles breathed a sigh of relief, his daughter looked up at him,

"S'OK gang!", he called to the others, "It was a whale, must have missed us in the dark, bumped us accidentally!", Charlie put a hand to her heart and sighed, Tina hugged her dad, but Jessie did not seem convinced,

"Dad, the discovery channel said whales sleep at night?",

"That was in pods!", argued Tina,

"Hey come on now!", Charles said, "no fights huh, lets just play some cards then get some shut eye, what do say?!"

                                                   Fifty feet below the card game, the giant predator has tested its prey, its not edible, but it IS still a threat, and must be dealt with, these hunters require an enormous amount or territory, and will not tolerate any intrusion.  It dives deeper, preparing itself for the attack, when it is deep enough, the hunter will turn, to face the surface, lock onto its target, and charge!

A peaceful, tranquil scene, a full moon shines high above the pacific, a single, solitary yacht, pear white and gleaming, sits on the dead calm, the sound coming from the card game and replaced CD player barely carries over the water, but all that, is about to change.

"GIN!", Charles, slamming his cards down on the table,

"OH DAD!!", his kids complain at losing again, their mother giggling.

 Suddenly the entire yacht launches forwards through the water, the heavy anchor weighing it down, means nothing against the sheer power of the creature attack, a massive wave crashes over the rails as the entire stern section of the yacht is ripped away in a mess of teeth and water.

For a single second, the family, thrown in a ball towards the bow, sit in a heap,just inside the galley. The parents and children wrap themselves around each other, unable to take their eyes away from the splintered stern, six feet of wood, fibre glass, plastic and motor, bitten off, in a single bite!  The kids start to cry and scream, Charlie is shaking her husband,



"Stay here!", Charles pushes his daughter into her mothers arms,




"QUIET!", he yells back, "I HAVE TO LOOK!!  I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!", perhaps if he had, perhaps if Charles Patrick, had had any clue what was circling beneath him, waiting to see what the intruder did next, if he had idea of the senses it was armed with, already its lateral lines were being driven mad by the shouting vibrating through the wood, the vibrations from the music still playing sending impulses into its ampullae, he would have stayed with his family, kept them quiet, cut power to the yacht and preyed that was enough to put the beast off.

                                            Charles moves out onto deck, his family still calling him back, he wipes a bead of sweat out of his eye, theres blood in it,

'Must have hit my head in the fall', he thinks to himself, he slowly, cautiously, moves towards the splintered end of his new yacht, he bends down to examine the damage.  Its bad, the yacht is taking on water quickly, the severed electrics are sparking madly into the water, he has to get help quickly, or they'll be saying hello, up close and personal, to whatever ate his boat!

He turned back to his family,

"Charlie, get on the radio, call the coast guard and send a SOS to anyone else who maybe close by!",

"Dad are we sinking??!!",

"Yeah," what was the point in lying, the kids weren't stupid,

                                             Charlie got up and, despite the moans from her children to stay there, with them, she ran through the galley to the navigation and radio station.  For the first time in years, she was so glad she'd married a cop, the radio was already set to the coast guard, Charles had been using it as a scanner, late at night,

"Coast guard, come in, this is the sea bound vessel, Defender. We are approximately 120 miles west of California. We have been attacked. We are going down quickly and require immediate rescue. Coast guard. COAST GUARD!", it was at least a minute before anyone responded,

"Sea bound vessel, Defender, this is the coast guard, please repeat status. Over."

"I said we've been attacked and are going down fast, we need rescue!", what were they doing?,

"Stand By, Defender!"

'Stand by? STAND BY??!!'





The End

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