Out To SeaMature

"So you have to see her smile!!", Marie cooed,

"Jesus! Marie I'm really happy your new niece is so cute, but can you please try and pay attention?!",

"Attention to what??!", she asked, "you haven't said anything?!",

"I'm waiting for Jack and Steve, no point trying to get any of you to listen more than once!",

                                                Peter and Marie were sitting on the deck of his fishing boat, a twenty footer his dad had promised him if he got his degree, he'd spent the next couple of years, and a great deal of his father college fund, on fixing it up.  He'd bought some equipment, a fish sonar, commonly called a 'fish finder', under water lights, for night time dives and swims, and even a cage, although he had no itention of ever using it, a car pulled up in the docks parking bay, two young men climbing out and waving to Peter and Marie,

"AHOY THERE!!", yelled the first, Jack Davis,five foot nine, althletic swimmers build like Peter, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, the other man, Steve Trent, was a little taller, and thinner than Jack and Peter, no less a powerful swimmer, he had long blonde hair, down to his shoulders, bright, electric blue eyes and a warming smile, Steve was one of those people who just seemed to radiate trust, the four of them had met six years ago, when they had all signed up for the same degrees.

"SO!", shouted Jack, dropping a case of larger and several bags of food on to the deck, followed by the travel bag over his shoulder, "Where we off to first, and whats the wife doing here??!!",

"OI!", shouted Marie, "Peter asked me to come!",

"Errr, which part of, 'no girls', didnt sink in Pete??!!",

"We're not going Island hoping anymore!", he stated, best to rip the plaster off quickly, he thought,

"Run that by me, just one more time?!", asked Steve, also dropping a great deal of alcohol and food into the boat,

"Just sit down will ya, let me explain!", the boys climbed aboard and sat down next to each other, eyeing Marie and Peter ominously, Marie, on the other hand, was wearing a 'don't look at me! I don't know whats going on!' look!

"What I'm about to tell," he began, "is in direct violation of the nation secrets act!", the boys watched him for a moment, then began to laugh out loud,

"For fucks sake, Pete!", Steve stammered,

"You actually had me going for a sec!", continued Jack,

"I'm serious!", he didn't raise his voice, he wanted them to realise, quickly, how serious he was,

"OK," said Jack, "I'll bite, go on!",

                                         Peter explained everything, the meeting in the 'Chester@ building, the trip to the coast, the dead whale, the bite marks, the tooth, the escape from the whites, just to be ignored and sent packing by the military and Bennett.

"That guy, is such an ass!", stated Jack,

"So, saying we believe you!", said Marie, "what do you think attacked the whale?",

"It took him a while, the tooth he found wasn't from a shark, it was round, tusk like, but it was so BIG!", he began, "I spent an hour looking through everything I had for anything that might grow large enough, but in the end, I was forced to looking for anything that came close!",

"What did you find, Pete?", asked Steve,

"Crocodiles, the closet living creature to have teeth like the one I found, are crocodiles!",

"Soooooo!", started Jack, he was loosing him, "you think the whale was attacked by an eighty foot....crocodile?!!", he almost spat his next mouthful of beer over the deck!

"Not exactly", I replied, trying to stay focused and calm, I really needed them,

"So, what do you think it was, you must have a theory!",

"I do!", a shudder ran down his spine as he pictured the cresature in his head again, its massive jaws, the largest carnivorous set that have ever existed!

"I think, It was a Liopleurodon!", he waited for a reaction,

"Oh my god!", Steve exclaimed, Peter smiled,

"Jack! Your fart ass!!", Marie and Jack laughed as Steve jumped up and waved a hand in front of his face, Peter's head sank, his hands clasped to his face,

"See, even Pete thinks your arse is scarier than a Liopleurodon!", said Marie, and the boys laughed,

"GUYS!", Peter losing all patience, "PLEASE!!", he stood up, pushing Steve back down to his seat,

"Guys, I'm serious, I'm not saying that we should go out and try to deal with it on our own! I'm saying we have to warn people, the military are about to send word to the world that a Meg has surfaced, and frankly they may still be right!  But this creature is so much worse, its older, bigger and nasty than any Megalodon, and its here, now!"

                                They weren't laughing anymore, the sheer desperation in Peters eyes telling them he was deadly serious.  Peter was as up for a laugh and joke as the others, often, usually drunk, he was the worst of the group, to see him so obviously distressed and anxious,

"OK, Pete!", Steve had stood up again, taking his friend by the shoulder, "what do you wanna do?!",

                                Peter looked at them one at a time, staring into the eyes of his best friends, not only that, but three of the keenest minds he had ever known.  They had grown up together, worked so hard together, gotten into more trouble than he cared to admit together!  And now, they were standing on his boat, offering not just their long awaited vacation, but perhaps their futures, if caught meddling in a matter of national security, but if he did not ask this if them, the lives of a great many others could be lost!

"I want to find it!"

The End

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