Making A ChoiceMature

                                           The Dingy slowed to a crawl as it reached the jetty, the two privates on board jumping out and tieing it up, before helping Brooks and Peter out, and the equipment,

"We should go see the grown ups!", Brooks said,

"Yeah, give them the bad news!", Peter looked at Brooks, his smile had lessed slightly,

"Look, Pete, you sure about this 'new' creature theory, I mean I know theres supposed to be Dinosaurs down there, as well as the Meg's, but surely nothing big enough to take down a Blue Whale?!!",

"About twenty-five years ago, a Doctor Maren told the world he'd discovered a one hundred and twenty foot predator down there, this one isn't much bigger than seventy, maybe eighty feet!"

"Oh only seventy to eighty feet, huh!", he laughed with the joke, but there was no getting by it, Brooks was uneasy, then again who could blame him, a Meg in any populated water way was bad enough, but something else, unknown and perhaps bigger! Now, that was a scary thought!

                                             They entered the observation tent, Peter pulling the zip, on the back of his wet suit, down to the base of his spine, pulling the wet top section off his shoulders, and letting it hang at his waste,

"Don't get the equpiment wet, Will you!", Bennett said wihtout even turning round from the radar monitr, picking up 'echo location' signals from sensors mounted aboard two fishing boats coasting the area, Peter ignored him, asshole!

"SO!", snapped Simmons, "your sure its a Megalodon?!",

Peter was about to answer when Bennett did it for him,

"Course its a Meg!", be barked, "what else could it be?!!", the question was retorical, yet Peter replied,

"A sea reptile", he said it calmly and quietly, not wanting to antagonise his Professor, Bennett half turned his head,

"A sea reptile?!!", then barked a laugh, "HA! And there was me thinking you'd actually learnt something in my class!",

"I meassured the bite radius and teeth marks", Peter began, "In my opinion, the creature WAS attacked by a Meg...", Bennett interrupted,


"BUT!", continued Peter, "not until AFTER it was dead!", both Bennett and Simmons stared at him, hard, neither said a word, Peter silently gulped, then continued,

"The width of the bite, and marks indicate that a Meg did indeed feed on the whale, but the length of the bite, and the top most teeth marks are wrong, they were made by something with 'tusk' like teeth, about fifteen to twenty inches long, and a massive head that resembles a crocodiles, only a hell of a lot bigger!",

"Kronosaur!", replied Bennett, "That could be good news, it means the whale was attacked in the trench and floated to the surface, we not have a Meg on the loose at all!",

"I don't think so, Professor?!", replied Peter, "Blue's aren't diving whales, thats one of the reasons they were hunted so widely, size and the fact they WERE easy to find on the surface all the time, also, the Krono's, Jonas Taylor andf his wife said they saw, were only about thirty-five feet long, the biggest being a forty-five foot female! The Kronosaurs weren't big enoughto even consider hunting a Humpback, let alone a Blue!",

"OR!", Bennett said as though he were carrying on from where he left off, as if Peter hadn't said a word, "or, the whale was attacked by a pack of Krono's, the body began floating up, through the freezing waters, because of the air still in its lungs, and the Meg scented it, followed the blood up with the whale, like the first Meg did, when its mate was killed. Wrapped up in a tow line, it bled all the way to the surface, the female, Angels mother, following in its wake!",

"The whale was killed by one predator, with a head about three feet long and the biggest jaws I've ever heard of!", but Peter was fairly sure no one was litening.

                                      Why were they ignoring him? What the hell was he there for if not to make an educated opinion of what he'd seen?  Simmons and Bennett were now talking quietly amongst themselves, backs now turned to him, what the hell??!!  Peter turned to look at his friend for help, but Brooks was doing something with his phone.  Several minutes passed before Bennett and Simmons turned around,

"Son!", Simmons began, "I need you to sign this!", he passed over a document marks, "Official Secrets Act",

"Your kidding?",

"I never 'kid', son!", Peter sighed, then signed the sheet, which prohibited him from disclosing anything involving the investigation into the whales death, when he'd finished,

"Now, time for you to head back to school, we have a car.....",

"WHAT?!", Peter was actually shouting now, "I thought this project was going to take the summer?!",

"LOOK!", yelled Bennett, "YOU DID YOUR BIT, AND COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY YOU WERE ASKED AT ALL, NOW GET LOST!", and he turned away again, Peter looked from Simmons, who was none plussed, to Brooks, who was still looking at his phone, trying not to blush, and back to Bennett's back, wishing he could shoot bullet with a stare!  Then, without a word, Peter stormed from the tent, went to change back into his own stuff, then did something he would never have normally considered ever doing, but a reckless rage had taken him, he opened his bag, and dropped the radio goggles in, zipping it up quickly and leaving the tent, really hoping he wasn't blushing!

                                                 The black land rover parked up outside his appartment, Peter climbed out and ran straight into the house, his head spining with anger, disappointment and frustration, why hadn't they listened to him, didn't they understand the impications of a creature bigger than the Meg's hunting in our waters?  Did they care??!!  He was passing again, he couldnt just leave this! What if this thing ate someone and he could have done something if he'd spoken to the right people,

"Bennett knows blues aren't diving whales?", he said out loud, seizing a moments courage, he grabbed his phone and dialed,

"Marie? It's Pete, what? Yes I know you have caller ID...what?....Look just shut up about the baby I dont care, I need you to come over, grab the boys too, I think I'm gonna need your help with something!"

The End

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