The Usual SuspectMature

                                             Peter slipped feet first into the water, it seemed warmer than usual, as thick red sea water surrounded him, he realised it was the blood warming the water, the heat had probably been a put off, for the sharks, at first, prefering slightly cooler temperatures normally.  He was actually very glad there had only been Whites around the whale, Great Whites were something of an enigma, as far as feeding was concerned, they were the only predatory shark in the world that did not frenzy during feeding, had the whale have been surrounded by Tiger or Bull sharks, Peter would have been very nervous about going in.

                                           He pulled the goggles over his eyes, put the breathing piece of the gas tanks into his mouth, checked his airways, then dived, his feet appearing briefly above the surface as he kicked out, propelling himself under water.  It was a completely different world, now about ten feet under the water, Peter could see the whole of the whale, or what was left of it!  Something had apparently ripped in excesess of three tons of meat from it's belly, he could see the out line of the mouth, it was huge?!  Peter new the Blue's were gentle giants, and besides man, had no natural predator, Blue Whale calves often feel victim to attack, if they strayed to far from the cow, he had seen footage of a heard of Orca, Killer Whales, chasing down a blue whale calf, the lump some of orcas had dived and teased the cow, trying to get mum to swipe at them with her gigantic, deadly cordial fin, the enormous tail would instantly crush and kill anything it hit, but while she was busy, the others would separate her from the calf, and kill it.

                                           Still though, this was not a calf, or even a cow.  Judging by what was left of its underside, Peter recognised the tell tale signs that it once been a bull, what the hell would even dream of attacking a fully grown, blue whale??!!  He swam closer to the carcass, keeping a wary eye on the dark depths, sure that hunger and sense over load would bring the Sharks back a lot sooner than Brooks had suggested.  He would keep watch, they'd circle the carcas first, deep below, making completely sure the strange electrical disturbance had gone.  Sharks were naturally curious animals, but at the same time, very timid, especially Whites, their fearsome appearence had made them legends of Hollywood horror, but Peter knew the real side to the 'killer' shark, they were very cautious and easily scared.

                                           Peter swam as close to the body as he deemed safe, if it rolled, the wake left could pull him right into the cavity, he didn't really like the idea of drowning inside a whales stomach!  He swam to within a few feet, more than enough for a quick escape, god it was a mess! The whites had chewed so much flesh away that making a serious estimate of size based on mouth radius was going to be a problem, although, and a real tremble of fear passed through him at the thought, there was only one thing he knew of that would even attempt such an attack, the cousin of the Great whites he had just watch swim away, a Megalodon.

                                        It was no good, we was going to have to get closer and take some actual measurements if he was going to size this thing,

"Phelps!", Bennett boomed down the ear piece so loudly, that Peter nearly dropped the tape measure into the animals belly!

"Are you planning on relaying info, or should we wait for the movie?",

"Sorry Professor, I'm just about to take some measurements of the bite radius, although its going to be hard to tell exactly how big it is, because of the bites from the other sharks!",

"How big what is, Son?!", Simmons, did the guy actually know how to speak normally,

"The Megalodon, Sir", Peter waited for a reaction, nearly fifty years ago, this statement would have caused instant panic and alarm, but the world was learning, emergency action plans for dealing with Megalodons, as well as the other reported 'living fossils' in the trenches.

"Phelps!", Bennett again, "take some tissue samples, measurements and check for lost teeth, we need something concrete if we're gonna get any backing on hunting a Meg!",

"I'll do my best!",

"That's what worries me! Out!",

Asshole!  Peter was dying to scream it down the microphone, just once,

"just be patient Pete, get the recommendation first!", but even after that, it probably wouldn't be the best idea, marine biology was a small world, and friends were needed.

                                         Peter jammed the nail thick needle end of his tape measure, into the whales flesh, then swam backwards, letting the tape unwind itself, he reached the far side of the gapping hole and checked, it was over four feet across, but then he noticed something else, the bite was wrong?  The top of the bite, and bottom, seemed to stretch to far around the whale, something with a much longer snout than a Megalodon had done this?!  He swan right up to the open wound, the bladder was ripped to shreds, he checked the indervigual bite marks, he was right, a shark, and a big one, had feed on this whale, but it wasn't the killer, the killer was something much bigger, with a mouth shaped like a crocodiles!

                                         Peter saw a glimmer of white, there was something tooth like jammed deep inside the wall of flesh, Peter tried to reach it, but it was to far in, there was only one thing for it, he braced his weight on the opening in the whales stomach, and launched himself forward, into the stomach.  He pushed aside the mammoth bladder, squeezed himself in a little more.  Now completely inside the whales stomach, trying his best not to think about what he was sitting in, Peter reached down and plucked out the tooth, as...


                                       Peter dropped the tooth, he grasped out for it, but missed, it slipped between the intestines and vanished,


"PETE GET UP HERE, NOW!!", he didn't need Brooks to tell him why, he knew what the sudden and whale shaking, pounding was, the whites were back, feeding on the giant left overs, and if he wasn't amazingly careful, he would end up left overs too.

                                      He turned 180 inside the animals gut, squeezing into a ball, then turning, he grasped the edges of the ripped whale and peered out into the gloom, nothing, no sign of any sharks, he looked down, there they were, five or six, big too, most about eighteen feet, a couple bordering on twenty!  They were swimming around the sea bed, from his perch on high, Peter thought they looked very much like under water jet planes, in fact, he was so engrossed in watching them, he failed to notice the nineteen foot giant, taking its turn on the whale,


The whites massive jaws came with inches of Peters head, taking a huge chunk of whale meat with it, Peter was frozen, that had been so close!  He watched the waters around him with one eye, and tried to keep count of how many below with the other, when he was sure he was safe, he pushed off from the whale, very gently moving his flippers to push him to the surface, as long as he didn't excite them, there was no reason they'd choose him over a nice whale carcas.

                                           He trod water until Brook had got the dingy close enough to him,

"You OK??!!", he laughed, "That looked hairy!",

"Oh no, loads of fun, why don't you have a go, don't forget you steak necklace!", Brooks laughed and helped him into the boat,

"You get anything good?",

"Not really, had a tooth, but I dropped it when the first white attacked, caught me off guard!",

"So you reckon its another Meg? Thats what my monies on!",

Peter looked his friend in the eye, and said with all seriousness,

"No, I don't"

The End

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