Blood and Water .2Mature

                                         The black land rover pulled to a stop in a parking bay along the beach front, sectioned off by the police and military.  Peter climbed out, threw his bag over his shoulder, then  waited for the car with Bennett and Brooks to pull up.  The three of them began making there way down to the beach, led by two 'priavtes' in army uniforms.  As they neared the water, Peter couldn't help cringing as he realised the soft sand under foot, was not wet from the sea, but soaked in blood.

                                            Simmons was already waiting for them inside a large tent, set up as a base of operations on the sea front, inside were computers and lab equipment, army personnel running around frantically trying to complete tests on tissue samples.  Peter was becoming more curious by the minutes, what the hell was going on??!!  Simmons addressed the three of them,

"We'll be heading out to the corpse in about ten minutes, Professor Bennett, you will remain her with me, the comms and monitors will be our eyes and ears, Phelps, you and Lt. Brooks will be heading out with under water cameras and radio fitted dive gear, you will examine the corpse and relay all information back to us!  The cameras will have to be attached to the corpse, but we won't expect anything to happen until after dark, thats correctt, yes, Professor?", Bennett nodded, "Excellent, then, Phelps, you better get geard up, there are dive suits waiting for you in the ajoining tent! Lets get going people!"

                                            Peter changed quickly, he was impressed by the radio fitted mask, not the helmets that he'd had to wear before, but a normal pair of goggle, with a water proof ear piece, microphone and antenna built into the frame, once on, he only had to readjust the ear piece to fit his ear, and was set, he would carry his tanks and flippers down to the beach by hand, the oxygen tanks were just to heavy to wear out of the water, and walking in flippers on sand was difficult to say the least!

                                            He had chosen a plain dark grey wer suit, which should keep him hidden in the depths, these were shark infested waters, and if, whatever it was, was bleeding as much he thought it was, the water was more than likly alive with sharks of many species now, feeding frenzies were almost certainly taking place under the blood red sea.  He found Brooks waiting by a twelve foot, motorise dingy, two soliders already aboard, checking their rifles, Peter wondered if either man had ever tried shooting through the water, then decided that dwelling on the reason the men were armed, was just going to unnerve him.

"All set?!", Brooks asked cheerfully,

"I'm ready", replied Peter, then, "can't you tell me more now?!", Brooks grinned broadly,

"Why spoil the surprise, you'll see for yourself soon enough!",

                                              The engine roared to life, and the dingy sped off across the water, Peter fiddling with his mask, trying to stop the tiny ear piece from digging into his ear, it felt very sharp, and the last thing he needed was to cut himself!  As they approached the dead animal, Peter's mouth fell open in shock as he realised what it was.  The only portion of the animal visible, above the water, was its hide, at first he had thought it was black, but then they got closer, then he could make out its outline properlly and the colouration changed in the light, it was blue, deep dark blue, and huge, at least a hundred feet long,

It can't be!", he stated to no one,

"It is!", replied Brooks, he actually seemed excited,

                                              The boat came to a stop about ten feet from the dead Blue Whale, every so often, Peter saw a dark grey dorsal fin appear, saw the body shake, then the fin disappeared again, sometimes there was just one, the next minute four or five fins at once, Great Whites were staking a claim in the whale, and Peter really didn't feel like arguing,

"Do you really think its a good idea to examine the carcass while there are so many sharks?!", he asked Brook,

"Don't worry about the sharks, Pete, this is the United States army, and they have some really cool toys, one of the soldiers opened a case at his feet, the padded inside held four objects that looked a lot like grenades, the private pulled one out, removed its pin, then waited, watching it, Peter was about to advise he threw the lve grenade, when three little L.E.D lights lit up across its base, green, then amber, then red, the private dropped the grenade over board,

"Hands in!", he called, and Peter watched as everyone on the boat made sure they were in no way touching the water.


                                   There was a loud electric buzzing sound, and then the sharks were gone, all darting off out to sea, Peter counted at least fifteen Great Whites, he looked at Brooks questioningly,

"EMP grenade!", he stated, "drives there Ampullae crazy, but they'll be back before dawn, better get in there Pete!"


The End

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