Blood and WaterMature

                                         Peter was in his apartment, throwing hand fulls of clothes and books into a large duffel bag, his mind locked still locked on the conversation that had taken place just an hour ago, adrenalin still pumping through his body, he still couldn't believe what was happening, it all seemed like a dream that just could not be true!

"Dive Mask!!", he stated to the room, "Where the hell is my dive mask??!!"  Oh they'll have some!"

                                         He did a quick double take of his bedroom, making absolutely sure he hadn't forgotten anything important, then ran for a the front door, swinging it open the exact same time as a black land rover with shaded windows, pulled up.  A tall well built man with brown hair, wearing a suit and equipped with an ear piece he was pressing against his ear, jumped down from the front passenger side and opened the back door, allowing Peter to climb aboard.  He sat back in his seat, winding his window down as far as the goverment agent next to him would allow, and replayed the events of that afternoon in his head.

One Hour Earlier


"What do you mean, 'not anymore'??!!" stammered Peter, he was extremely concerned, OK, he'd been a tad late and the papers weren't finished, but this was a little over the top, "Professor! I've already apologised for not finishing the papers......", Brooks was laughing as hard as could, Bennett still looking furious,

"I already told you to forget the papers, it seems neither one of us will have anything to do with the final exams!", Peter could have sworn he felt his heart stop,

"But Professor! My finals!!",

"We'll get organise another date for your exams, son!", it was the General speaking now, a strong millitarian voice, "This is a slightly more important matter!",

"We'll talk in here", Brooks pointed to an empty class room, they all filed in, Peter last, his brain was going on overdrive,

"what the hell was going on??!!"

                                                 The General and Brooks stood in fornt of the lectures desk, while Bennett carried on to the back of the room, there he stood back against the wall, arms folded, scowling at mid-air,

"Son!", the General began, "My name is, Major General Simmons, I believe you and Leuitenant Brooks already know each other, we have a situtation in Peru which requires your Professor Bennets expertise, he has requested that you accompany him!",  Peter was shocked to say the least, he turned in his seat, staring at Bennet, who continued scowling, paying Peter no attention at all!

"Theres very little more I can tell you at this time, in fact, we're all counting on your Professor here to tell us whats going on!",

"In Peru?!", Peter checked, still a little shell shocked,


"No?", now he was completely lost,

"Pete", Brooks began, "we have something in the water we want you to check, its out pretty far and pretty big too!, we want you to dive and take some shots for us, maybe tissue samples...",

Simmons cleared his throat loudly, shooting Brooks a look to kill,

"Oh come on Simmons, he's gonna know soon enough!",

"Know what??!!", Peter was losing patience, his excitement working against the frustration,

"Pipe down!", Bennetts deep voice boomed from the back of the room, "just be grateful your the best diver in the school, we just needed someone quick, believe me, you were not my first choice!",

Peter wanted to retort, but bit his tongue, turning back to Simmons and Brooks,

"What CAN you tell me?", he asked as patiently and politly as possible,

"Actually thats pretty much it, sorry Pete!", Brooks shrugged, then, "Oh! there was one more thing, we leave in an hour!",

"Thanks Si!", Peter rolled his eyes at his friend,

"We have a car waiting to take you home, get anything you need, but we have to move quickly on this, son!", Peter was already getting bored of being refered to as 'son'


                                  Peter was watching the waves roll gently against the sand , from the back seat of the land rover, he loved the ocean, always had, and everything in it!  Sharks were his speciality, he had been studying them for as long as he could remember and had dived with Reef, Nurse, Whale, Tiger and even Great Whites, free diving was he passion, no cages, no electro magnetic shields, just him, a long stick for poking nosy 'by passers' and a great, big fish!

                                He remembered the first time he had been in the water with a shark, it had not been intentional!  Peter had been eight, sea fishing with his dad and one of his dad's work pals.  They were out on his father fishing boat, the weather had been worsening quickly since leaving port, light rain turning into a sea churning storm, waves sending the twenty foot boat six to seven feet into the air, before it fell sinkeningly back to the waters.  Peter was huddled around the feet of a table in the galley, the door of which had been blown open, outside he could see his father wrestling his line,

"HEY PETE!!", he was yelling against the storm, "COME ON! SEE WHAT THE OLD MANS HOOKED!!", curiosity got the better of him, and eventually he let go and began edging his way across the swaying boat, its wet deck making his feet slip in all directions.  As he left the galley and came out into the open, he tried to move for his father, to grab his waist, but just as he lunged forwards, the ship hit another wave, and he was sent flying to the dipping side, and fell over.

                              He never did remember being pulled out, or felling scared, try as he might, Peter couldn't even remember needing air, or wanting to swim for the surface, the only thing he could remember was wonder, at the giant fish swimming less the three feet from him.  His father had insisted later in hospital that it had only been a nurse shark, a docile six footer, no interest in attacking people, a lazy shark that usually spent its time dwelling on the sea bed, but Peter knew what had seen, the shark he saw was not six feet long, it was no bottom dweller, this fish had been at least twenty feet long, jet black eyes, a mouth, huge and full of razor sharp teeth, deepest, darkest grey across its back, and albino white across its belly, a Great White Shark.

                            There was no fear, only wonder and respect for the incredible animal swimming right in front of him, the shark just hovered in the water, moving its cordial fin very slowly, just enough to keep water flowing through it gills, watching him, its black eyes gleaming in the dark water, and the water got darker and darker, the very last thing Peter remembered seeing, was the shark swimming towards him.  Since that day, he had been hooked, watching, reading and studying everything he could get his hands on.  Joining every group, ever commity, every volunteer dive, including two dives with Green Peace, trying to save Whale Sharks, the biggest fish in the world, from the Chinese and Hong Kong, who hunt all sharks for the fins.

                           The agent sitting on Peters right put his hand to his ear, then spoke into the microphone in the shirt sleave,

"Understood!", he leaned over to Peter, "we're here!"

                           Peter looked out over the sea, and his mouth fell open!  The waters had turned red, the sand stained with blood as far as the eys could see, crouds of people were congrigated around soliders blocking off the beach, they were all pointing and shouting about something, something out to sea, about half a mile away, a huge black shape that was swaying gently in the water, gulls were flying and landing on it, Peter was sure they were eating it, because whatever it was, had turned the sea to blood.

The End

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