The StudentMature

University Of Berkeley

Berkeley, Califonia


                                     Peter Phelps, is drifting off to sleep in the stuffy lecture hall, listening to his professor drooling on about the mating habits of Mako sharks, having achieved his Bs and Masters degrees in marine biology and zoology, Peter was working as a TA, teachers assistant, completing his last year and finally obtaining his PhD, then, then it was the open seas and field research all year round, no more class rooms, no more exams to mark or take and most importantly, no Professor Bennett!

                                   Peter brushed a strand of sand coloured hair away from his royal blue eyes, doing his best not to lay his head down on the cool desk he was meant to be using to take notes!  It was nearing the end of June, the sun was scorching hot, summer break was just days away, then it was down to the coast with his friends, onto his boat, beer, food, beer, girls in all the ports, and of course, beer!  He smiled at his own day dream, now completely unaware that the professors mobile phone was silenting flashing on the desk.

                                   The bell finally rang, Peters head shot up, taking in a lung of fresh air and giving himself a head rush at the same time!  His head was just clearing when Bennett walked over. A short, stocky man, with greying, thick brown hair and beard, a large stomach, thick glasses and a fondness for wearing shirts one day to many!  Bennett flipped open his briefcase, not even looking at the TA, and began giving instructions, very quickly,

"I need those papers marked by noon, the turn papers from the previous two years need to be in alphabetical order by three pm and I need you to bring me my lunch, in my office at one, oh and pick up my dry cleaning!",

                                  Bennett snapped his case closed, picked up his phone  and made to leave the hall, when he stopped, turning back to Peter, he held his phone up,

"Who called!", his tone was sharp and voice a deep bass,

"I didn't realising it was was rining, Professor?!", Peter knew that wouldn't make a difference, he screwed up, and he'd pay for it, just as he would have paid for it if he had actually answered during the lecture,

"I'm sorry Professor, I ju.....",

"Your looking for field research posts next year, yes?!", Bennett boomed at him, pushing his face right into Peter's,

"Yes, Professor", Peter kept his tone pleasant, voice quiet,

"You do know that any scientific research department, either on or off the water, will want written recommendations from your tutor before they even consider you?!", Peter knew that fact, all to well,

"Yes Professor, I know", Bennett just grinned, yellow teeth appearing behind the mess of beard

"Fat bastard!", Peter hissed as the Professor walked away, dialing back whoever it was that had called him.


The End

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