Just Another Morning .2Mature

                                                Far below the surface waters, through seven miles of freezing ocean, 34'000 feet below the sea, in crushing pressure and super heated waters, the biggest predator on earth is stalking its prey.  The giant male has been down for 25 minutes, the 3 tonnes of blood, carried in its huge body, allows the whale to dive deeper than any other mammal in the world, Physeter Catodon, the Sperm Whale, is hunting his mortal enemy, Architeuthis, the giant squid.  The squid is 60ft long, hurtling through the water and incredible speed, each one of its amence tenticles carrying dozens of giant suckers, able to rip apart anything it chooses to eat, before depositing the remains into its oversized, powerful beak.

                                               The Whale is only a few feet behind the Squid, using echo's to pin point the squids exact location, the huge bull builds up speed, if it is going to feed, it must do soon, before the ninety minute trip back to air.  Then the squid does something unexpected, it changes direction, the squid heading back towards the bull.  The whale drops its bottom jaw, opening its mouth as wide as it can as the 60ft squid swims past, almost completely ignoring the whale, skimming the slow turning mammals right fluke, and disappearing into the pitch black water.

                                                 The whale has no time left to restart the hunt, his air is running out, and he is still ninety minutes swim from the surface, then something in the darm moves a head, a white flash, shooting in and out of view in a second.  The whale tilts his huge dome head towards the freezing waters above, flapping its huge cordial fin, throughing up the sea bed as it moves, it can sense the approaching predator, its moving straight for the bull at amazing speed, moving like a seventy foot long white bullet, the whale is becoming very nervous, and very angry.

                                                  The shark can sense the whale too, the sound of its heart beat setting off all the little jelly filled cells in its snout, the pounding of its huge tail reverberating across its lateral lines.  Carcharodon Megalodon is moving at top speed, racing through the deepest seas on the planet, weaving in and out of the black smokers, but she is not hunting, she is running, the most powerful, perfect shark ever designed by nature, is being stalked by a larger, more powerful foe, ten feet bigger than the adult shark, an easy match for the sixty foot whale trying to decide whether to escape, or fight.

                                                   The whale is reaching the end of the warm waters, its head just break the freezing barrier, but its enormous back end is still well within the limits that have bound these ancient creatures to the depths for so long.  The Meg breaks through a cloud of mineral rich black smoke, feeling a burning sensation as it gets to close, the shark flanks right and see's the whales cordial fin moving up and down, pushing its huge owner back up, out of the depths.  The Meg, driven by hunger and its senses overwhelmed by the massive whales movements and heart beat, swims on, skimming the tail as it passes, every ounce of her wanting to rip flesh and fill her throat with blood, but to stop now, will mean certain death.

                                                The whale senses to the Meg pass, its only natural predator has swam on, leaving the bull to escape, but then, the whales echo locstion picks up another massive body heading his way, slower, bigger.....and the whale beats its tail as hard as possible, the predator coming towards him is an ancient killer, one that ruled the oceans long before the shark became king, before its saviour, the Megalodon, came to tip the balance in the sharks favor.  Liopleurodon, the largest member of the short neck Plesiosaur family, this ambush hunter, a gigantic marine reptile, is was feared even more than the prehistoric shark it was chasing.

                                                155 million years ago, Liopleurodon was an ambush hunter, dwelling in the shadowy depths on the Jurassic seas, it would take huge lungs full of air, swim to the darkness and wait, watching the surface, charging up through the water, propelled by its huge pectorial and lower pectorial fins perfectly designed wings, the Liopleurodon does not swim, its flies.  Its head is over ten feet long, its teeth three times that of Tyrannosaurus Rex, daggers that will rip, tear and shred anything it can get in its mouth.  Now, the Liopleurodon has evolved to cope with the massive changes in its life style, it has grown gills to allow for no air, millions of years with no reason to surface, the Liopleurodon has become an exceptional swimmer, pefecting the use of its wing like fins to dominated all in the trench, bar one, the Meg.

                                             The whale is just passing intot he cold now, its nerves relaxing a little as it knows from time in the trench that the giant preadators don't leave the warm water, when something takes hold of its tail.  The whale sings a blood curdling song into the ocean as its sixty foot long body is quite literally 'yanked' back into the warm waters, it tried to use break its cordial fin free of the gigantic head, to use its own lethal weapon in deffence, but Liopleurodon is to strong, its enormous jaws, the largest caniverous mouth that has ever been known, crush the tail and lower body of the whale, like a crocodile, the Liopleur spins its body round and round in the water, twisting the bulls body as it  goes, until the entire lower half of the whale breaks off from the whole.  The Lipleur moves off, its mouth full of fresh meat and warm blood, its appetite satisfied for the moment, but the blubber rich whale isn't the food it wants, Liopleurodon, is a shark killer, and somewhere ahead, swimming for its life, is one of the biggest specimens the world has ever seen. It is swimming towards the Java Trench, running across the equator, tectonic plates have shifted up and over each other, creating cavens of warm water running from the trenches, through the Ring of Fire, to the surface.

The End

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