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The Pacific Ring Of Fire

The Challenger Deep

4 Million Years Later


                                       The Marianas Trench, is the deepest of the underwater trenchs scattered throughout the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity, encircling the basin of the Pacific Ocean, in a 40'000km horse shoe.  The Ring covers a range from the Kermadec Trench, to the Peru-Chile Trench.  The RIng has 452 volcanoes and is home to 75% of the worlds active and dormant volcanoes.  The Ring is a direct result of plate tectonics, all along it, massive tectonic plate activity has lead to water ways leading from the surface, to the depths of these deep sea trenches.  The volcanic activity warms the water all the way from the surface, through seven miles of freezing, ice cold waters, to the furthest most reaches of our world. The last, unexplored realms of our planet.

                                        The Marianas Trench is 1600 miles deep, and 48 miles across, over the past fifty years, the trenches have been attracting more and more attention from the world above.  Scientists believing they could find vast quantities of a mineral used in the persuit of fusion fuel, providing the world with an abundance of clean, never ending energy.  A Japanese scientific group JAMSTEC, Japan Marine Science Technology Centre, had employed the Tanaka Oceanographic Institute, to deploy a series of deep sea sensors to measure tectonic disturbances in the trenches and devise a way accurately predict earthquakes.  A marine biologist had constructed a deep sea probe, capable of reaching the emence depths much faster than a manned sub, and retrieved valuable research data on the deep sea creatures inhabiting the trenches.

                                     All of these researches into scientific advancement were quashed however, all failed to heed the warnings of an ex submersible pilot turned marine palentologist, Jonas Taylor.  After an accident, killing two scientists and nearly killing Taylor, he tried to tell anyone who would listen that he had seen the monster white head of a giant shark in the trench, and brought the sub up to fast.  No one listened, but the trench was explored again, Jonas himself returning some seven years later, convinced himself that the creature he had spent the last few years becoming an expert in, couldn't still survive, and must be exstinct, he was wrong.

                                  The Megalodon had survived the destructive  events that killed all other prehistoric life, evolving perfectly to survive in these deep sea trenches, black water, miles away from the sun, sustained by minerals pumped out from giant underwater volcanoes, black smokers, feeding on a supply of life from giant squid to the sperm whales who dive to feed on the squid themselves, not to mention the abundence of other previously thought long dead marine reptiles and fish, and, each other, the only challenge to a Megalodons rein, another Megalodon.

                                  On four seperate occassions, Taylor was forced to do battle with a creature he would come to bare as his own personal nemesis.  Each time narrowly surviving, but that was over a decade ago, the waters have been calm for fifteen years.  The trench closed, deemed to hazardous to currently explore.  The surface has regained a true contempary equalibrium, until now.

The End

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