MEG: Crimson WatersMature


The Pliocean Era, 4 Million Years Ago

Southern Peru

An orange sun sets across the waters.

On the beach, a massive Sloth, the size of a Grizzly Bear, trundles on its knuckles across the sand, sniffing at patches of sea weed, and a dead horse shoe Crab as it goes.  There is precious little food on the land, so this great mammal must venture out into the wild waters to feed on sea grass and sea weed growing in meadows some fifty feet from the shore, the lumbering animal makes its way down to the surf, its eyes continuously scanning the horizon.  Thalassocnus has no enemy on the land, its sheer size and power makes immune from attack, this make is collousal, even for his species, his powerful forearms and massive clawed paws were lethal.

                                     This is an aquatic sloth, trapped between the land and the ocean, although it is weary, the Thalas knows from expirence  that it will be safe in the meadows, the creature it fears won't normally hunt in under two metres of water, just as long as the thalas doesn't dwell to long, for these ancient waters are patrolled by a creature nature has designed perfect. the ultimate predator and lord of the ocean, no other creature on the earth at this time is as feared.

                                   The thalas slips into the water, its powerful back legs perfectly adapted for swimming, its kicks out hard, propelling itself towards the submerged fields of sea weed.  Once it reaches the weeds, the thalas up ends, bobbing upside down in the water, feasting on the lush vegetation, it shakes its massive head from side to side, tearing up weeds by the mouthful, using its forearms and legs to keep itself balanced in the water, its motions are churning up the sea bed, turning the blue waters around it murly brown with sand and dust.

                                    Something moves in the dark waters further out to sea, the thalas stops eating, tilting its head back to get a right side up view of the distant black.  A shadow is darting around, its outline bulbous and fish like.  The shadow stops swimming and turns to look at the thalas, then its head begins to bob up and down as it approaches, the thalas flips his body over in the water, completely submerging itself, getting ready to swim away.  The new arrival suddenly comes into view, it has a walrus like body, and tusks that grow from the creatures mouth, the left tusk was about 10 inches long, the right tusk however, was 4 feet long.

                                     Odobenocetops, 'the whale that walks on its teeth', this marine mammal, relative to the narwhales, spent most of its life on the sea bed, tossing the loose sand with its tusk, looking for clams and worms and other sand dwelling organisms.  It had large flat pectorial fins which it tilted up and down in time with its large, flat, whale like cordial fin, as it flapped up and down in the water, propelling the odd looking beast.  The male is 2 metres long and weighs some 650 kilos.

                                     The two giant mammals regard each other, neither is a threat, and both continue with the search for food, the sloth upending itself, back into the weeds, and the Odobenocetops returning to the seas bed, searching to clams, neither yet aware that there is a third pressence in the water, further and deeper out to sea, the gigantic female circles the water, her unique sensory system detects two viable sources of food, her lateral lines, running down both sides of her 60 foot long body, can dectect the fluctuations in the water, caused by the two animals movements, the jelly filled sacks spread under the cone of her snout, the 'ampullae of lorenzini' , can detect the electrical out put from the animals heart beats, and as the sea water passes through her nostrils and over the olfactory organ, she can smell trace specks of blood and urine in millions of particals of water, Carcharadon Megalodon, is hunting them, she turns in their direction, her massive half moon cordial fin is sending her through the sea like an enormous grey torpedo, she sways her head from left to right as she moves, keeping the track of her prey by their scent and movements.

                                                      The thalas has gorged itself and is ready to swim back to the shore, it flips its body back right way up and begins kicking back towards the beach.  The odobenocetops continues swimming along the sea bed, grazing on worms, when it senses the on coming danger, snapping its head up, the walrus like mammal swims as fast as its mass will allow, straight for the surface, taking one enormous breath, it gets ready to dive and hide.  The thalas stops swimming, hearing the odobenocetops breaking the water, its turns back to investigate, and then it sees it, in the distance, a massive grey dorsal fin has broken the water some 800 yards from them, 8 feet tall, its cuts through the water, a mast to the massive, 60 foot swell of water thats shooting towards them at incredible speed.

                                              It is a sight that has and will terrify all land and marine life for the next 4 million years, the creature hunting them is the most perfectly designed predator of all time, even more so than its contempory cousin the Great White Shark.  The Meg has pin pointed the Odobenecetops and is moving in, the large marine mammal is making a desperate attempt to reach the sea weed meadows before the prehistoric shark hits him.  The thalas, still floating above the meadows has waited to long to, the sheer mass of the megalodon is creating a massive pull beneath its huge wake, the thalas is being pulled back, into the deeper water.

                                               The odobenocetops is being pulled back to, its turns its head to see the monsterous triangular head of the giant shark's snout  coming straight for it, its mouth is widening, its huge jaws, holding row after row of continuously replaced teeth, weapons of no end, hyperextend from its mouth, a thin protective film slides over its black eyes to protect them form damage, and a cavenous, black void of a mouth, a mouth big enough to consume three of these whale like mammals whole, waits for the taste of flesh and blood. The obobenocetopses struggling has used most of its air supply, its lung full nearly depleted, the marine mammal has no choice but to make one more desperate bid for life giving air, for the surface.

                                            It slaps its cordial fin as hard and fast as its aching muscles can muster, thrusting itself blubber rich body to the surface, his head breaks clear, heaving great, huge, greedy breaths, filling his lungs with air, to escape the massive predator now circling in the depths below, readying itself.  The thalases arms and legs are exhausted, he has never been at sea this long and is starting to tire quickly.  Its limbs feel heavy, its legs no longer able to push it towards the beach, the currents created by the sharks mass won't let it break free, the thalas already knows he's dead, the only question was when?

                                       The Meg is circling the depths, biding her time, she knows where her prey is, their hearts are beating faster and faster, the only problem was which to attack first, the one floating above her, heavier, fatter, was tired and easy, the second was over the weed forrest, the shallow waters making the Meg nervous.  The giant female decended, and began swimming down, continuously circling using her preys scent and electrical impulses, to locate and hold their position.

                                     The obobenocetops took one last lung full of air and was about to dive back into the blue waters, when a shift in the current beneath its body, sent its nervous system into complete shock and lock down, he could feel his heavy body being pulled back under the water, something below was creating a massive whirl pool, beneath the waves, a cave of flesh, surrounded by a fence of 6 inch, semi serrated and razor sharp teeth, is coming up, out of the dark, the odoben's senses return an instant to late for it to follow its most basic instincts and run.

                                     The thalas just floats above the meadow, it is no longer capable of swimming at all, the lung fulls of air, the only thing keeping him from sinking into the water.  It lifts its tired head from the water to watch the odoben, when a massive explosion of water, lifts the 2 metre long marine mammal into the air, inside the jaws of the largest predatory shark that has ever lived!  The megs snout is now 60 feet above the surface of the water, its huge half moon tail tips barley in the water, the odoben is screaming in the sharks jaws, hundreds of 6 inch teeth tear at its flesh, dropping mounds of flesh and blubber into the ocean, cascading down through a waterfall of warm, deep red blood.

                                      The shark throws its immence head from side to side, the odobenocetops is ripped in half, the head end of its 2 metre body falling back into the ocean, the Meg falls backwards, her mouth and throat fall of warm blood, meat and blubber.  The thalas watches as the crimson waters settle again, the dramatic, bloody scene that has just played out over for the moment, in its wake, the half obobenocetops floats a few feet from the thalas, its mouth and nostrils still trying to breath, its brain, still in shock, not quite registering its own demise yet.  The exhausted thalas had no choice but to float there, watching the other half of the water mammal float there.

                                       Then the sea explodes again, the Megs head shoots out of the water, snatching up the rest of her meal on her way into the air, her jump takes her 90 feet into the air, thirty feet clear of the ocean, her mass can be seen in land for miles.  The sharks tail comes round to meet its desending head, then its body flips, turning it completely the other way round, mouth closed again having swallowed its prey whole, its plummets back into the water.

                                     The thalas waits for a few minutes, shaking, waiting for the mammoth shark to return and claim him as its next meal, but it did not return.  The thalas bobbed up and down, its fur soaked and heavy, making it feel even more tired.  Slowly, a new current is pulling the aquatic sloth, very gently, out to sea, far below, the huge shark is slowly swimming in circles, the blood still fresh in its throat exciting it, its digestive system so slow, it will take days for the odobenocetops to be desolved in its cavenous stomach.  She is always hungry, that is her nature, she is a furious hunter, knowing no mercy or fear, for she is at the top of the food chain, nothing challenges her rank as lord of the ocean, and in a little while, the floating thalas would be dragged out far enough for her to feed again.

The End

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