I couldn't help it!

After the second cranberry vodka he was actually starting to look quite handsome. Ali had been more rugged, manly, but Mohammed was endearing, and had a great white pearly smile, which offset his dark, tanned skin. He also had aqua-green eyes, and jet black hair, always a irresistable trait. He wasn't buff or anything, but he definatly would do.

"Ali told me some great things about you, I don't always take his sloppy seconds you know...however I'd hardly call you sloppy"

Susie looked at him not sure if she should take it as a compliment or an insult and asked him, "If I was so great, why didn't he come himself?"

"Ali isn't really one for second helpings. You know those celebrities you say they never wear the same thing twice? Well Ali never does the samw girl twice...he's crazy that way."

"How do I know you don't follow those rules too?"

He smiled, "Honey, if I like something, I don't get bored fast." His eyes dug deep into her, as he admired her sexy curves. He already had a few drinks in him, and alcohol always boosted his libido. He wanted to take her back to his place right that instant, according to Ali, she wasn't to hard to persuade. 

However, there was something else about her that was attracting him, besides her great body. He felt a strong connection, and didn't want to break it by using his usual cheesy "come back to my place" lines, so instead asked to go get a late night bite to eat with her, to get to talk to her in a more intimate setting.

The End

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