Dance classMature

We pulled up outside the hall where my dance class was held.

"Come on, we're a bit late so the others will be there already."

"So you run the class?"

"Yeah, it's great."

"Cool. And you say the waitress is a regular?" I laughed at her embarrassment.

"Yes, Lucy is one of my best students."

"Lucy." She was smiling.

"Wow, what's up with you? Has Sam got a crush?" I teased.

"Shut up" she said pushing me gently as we entered the hall.

"Right everyone, sorry I'm late." I announced. Thirty five people looked up. "Good to see everyone here. This is Sam, she's over from America and she's joining our dance class."

"Hi Sam." I saw Lucy smiling embarrassed at Sam. Sam caught her eye and grinned.

"Tonight we'll start with the argentine tango, to get Sam in to it because she's already been taught some of those moves by me. Partner up. Lucy, will you go with Sam since you're the most experienced?" Lucy nodded embarrassed and moved forward, taking Sam's hand and putting it on her waist.

"Hey" whispered Sam. I grinned. Match-making was fun. The class began. Half way through I started teaching a new move.

"In the Argentine Tango, the partners are generally very intimate, it's a very sexy dance." There was embarrassed laughter round the room. "So here's a new move I think you'll all like. You have your partner in front of you, and the female wraps one leg round the waist of the man like this..." I wrapped my leg around Steve, the gay man who was learning to dance for his marrige next month, and leant backwards so that my head was almost on the floor. Then I rolled back up and grinned at everyone. "Now the man must support the woman's back, but not so that she can't move as much. And don't worry, you don't have to be as flexible as me." They laughed. Sam was grinning at Lucy, who was practicing bending backwards. "Enjoy everyone!"

The End

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