The limo pulled up outsideour house. The neighbours immediately began gossiping, 'who is it?' 'why are they here?' etc. Sam got out first, running over to jay and hugging him, and then involving me in the reunion as well.

"I have missed you guys sooo much!!" She was grinning wildly, and I laughed to see her so happy. Then I looked behind her where her parents had got out  of the car. I waved. After there had been welcomes all around, I helped Sam carry her stuff in to the house, while Jay gave the limo driver directions to the hotel that his parents were staying at, and arranged to meet them in the hotel restraunt at seven.

Sam jumped on her bed as soon as she got in to the room.

"Oh my god Carmen, you have no idea how much  I've missed you!"

"Really? Because I haven't missed you that much." She pulled a face until she realised I was grinning.

"Oh very funny!"

"I thought it was." I hugged her and sat down on the bed. "I have missed you so much. All those dance lessons, and the horse riding lessons...I've missed them about as much."

"Well we can continue them now can't we?"

"Yes. But I have work remember?"

"Well then we'll work around it." I grinned. Sam, always the practical one.

"Come on you, get changed, we're going to dinner in an hour."

"Ok, you want to watch?" She laughed.

"Ha no thanks Sam, we ended that remember?" We had continued the joke about her kissing me throughout our friendship, and even jay knew about it now. He hadn't been best pleased, but had laughed when he realised I was his. "Now hurry up, we don't want to keep your parents waiting."

The End

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