Three months later...Mature

"Jay!! Check it out!!"


"Sam and your parents are coming over to visit!!"

Jay jogged in to the study where I was sat at the desk, the letter in my hand.

"No way!" He grabbed the letter, skimming over the contents. "Oh god, we're going to have to make special arrangements and there's the limo and we have to..."

"Calm down. I'll organise everything."


"Yes." I kissed him, and then hurried him out.

"Go on! Get out! I have to start organising! And you can go find them presents!"

"How much time have we got?"

"They'll be here in two days. Go!" He snuck another kiss from me as he left, grinning. I got on to booking a hotel for Jay's parents right away, thinking Sam could stay with us.

Two days flew by, with the preparations meaning we were busy all the time. But Jay was sohappy that they were coming, and so was I for that matter. Sam and I had become really great friends after our little episode, with Sam teaching me how to ride and me teaching her dance lessons. We had great fun, and she was now a friend I would always know I could call.

The End

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