"Sam?" I knocked on her door, "Sam, can I speak to you?"

"Go away!"

"Sam," I said opening her door and peering in, "You have to let me speak to you."

Sam was lying face down on her bed, her shoulders heaving. i crept across the room and sat on her bed, stroking her hair.

"Sam, you can't hide in here. Why don't you talk to me?"

"Why should I?" She sat up wiping her eyes and shuffled away from me to lean against the pillows.

"Well, Jay and I are serious, and I know it may feel like i'm taking him away, but I'm not. In fact, if I thought he wanted to move away I'd protest on account of you. Now I know we haven't got off to the best start, but I really want to be friends."

"Do you think he really wants to move away?"

"I hope not."

"It's just, mum and dad are no help, and I really need my big brother."

"I know. Even though you're not a child, you're a young woman, you still need him for that last bit of support don't you?"


"Well, how about I suggest to him that I get a job up here? And then we don't have to move."

"You know you don't need a job don't you? Not with the amount Jay and dad make."

"Maybe, but I couldn't do nothing all day."

"I could teach you to ride?"

"Are we actually getting along?" Sam laughed and I smiled.

"I suppose we are."

"Come on then, let's go tell your brother our plans."

We linked arms and left the room laughing and smiling.


The End

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