Carmen: JayMature

"Carmen...Carmen, wake up."

I started, and sat up to see Jay's face staring at me.

"Oh, hey honey."

"You were muttering; was it a bad dream?"

"Something like that."

"Tell me."

"I can't. It's just a little too weird."

"What is?"

"I, I think your sister likes me."

"Good, I hoped you two would be friends."

"No, I mean likes me, likes me."

"Oh. Wait how do you know?"

"Well, she sort of, came on to me this morning."

"Not again!"


"She does that with every girl I bring home. I think she gets some weird kick out of it."

"Oh thank god!"

"What? You were worried she was coming on to you?"

"Well yeah. it's not exactly what I'm used to."

"Well she should know you'd never be attracted to her anyway."

We both laughed, and then stopped as we saw Sam running away. She looked as if she was crying.

"Sam!" Jay shouted and started after her.

"No Jay! Let me see her." He nodded, and then I set off after Sam.

The End

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