The PartyMature


"You really think so?"

"I'm speechless."

"That'll be a first."


"Joking." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and sighed. "Right, what has your mother cooked up? How many people are there?"

"More than I thought she knew."

"Ouch." I winced theatrically. "And I have to deal with them all?"

"Unfortunately yes."

"Well, we had better get started then." I drew myself up and took his arm for support. He looked down at me appreciatively.

"I think red is your colour." I looked down at the dress, it was short and plain, but low cut to show off my chest, and fitted to flow down my curves. At least that's what the sale person had said. I was already fond of the dress, it went with my skin tone, and if Jay liked it, then so much the better.

"You think so? Really this time."

"Yes. You are stunning." I blushed, and then he led me down the stairs towards the lights, the music and the many unknown guests.

"Ah here she is. This is the girl i was telling you about, Carmen, I'd like you to meet josh from my club."

"Nice to meet you."

"And you." Even though Josh's was about the millionth face I'd seen this evening, I knew I'd remember his. He had the look of those handsome movie stars you see, the ones that can do nothing wrong in the eyes of the public. He grinned at me as Rachael started talking again.

"Josh models for all the labels these days, he just did the new Dulche and Gobanna shoot."

"Wow. Modelling huh? Well you've certainly got the looks I'll give you that."

"Thank you. I do try."

I grinned and let Rachael drag me on to the last person i was to meet that evening. Thank goodness. After all the introductions had been made and we had eaten dinner, Rachael put some music on, and everyone started moving around with drinks. Suddenly a loud chord sounded. Everyone looked round shocked, and in the doorway was Sam, with Emily and some other friends. It looked like they were here to party. The music was changed and Sam's friends had already started partying before Rachael could reach her.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Oh lighten up mother. This party was so boring, I'm only helping you out. Look, your guests like it already." Indeed, some of the guests had already started dancing with her friends.

"Well, you may be right about that dear, but that doesn't excuse you just barging in here with your, friends."

"I don't see why you have to hate everyone I like. Why can't you just let me live my life?"

"Don't you speak to me like that young lady! And keep your voice down, people are staring."

"I don't care if they are. I'm sick of you and your precious image!" She stormed off to her friends, who turned the music up and started to become louder and louder, until Rachael was forced to throw them out. Sam took Emily upstairs while her mother's back was turned, but I saw them and followed as discreetly as I could.

Seeing the door shut just in front of me I opened it quickly, hoping to talk to Sam, but instead walked in on her and Emily pressed against the wall next to the door, making out like there was no tomorrow. They looked up when they noticed the door had opened, and the phrase if looks could kill flew through my mind. Still shocked, I closed the door and ran down the corridor to the bathroom. The feel of fresh, cool water on my face calmed me down, and I stared at my face in the mirror. Well, that was unexpected.

The End

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