Sam unmaskedMature

Without her hat and goggles, Sam was very pretty. She appeared downstairs without Emily, wearing a beautiful little dress in blue. She had lightly tanned skin and soft brown hair, the same colour as her brother's. Her eyes were a startling blue, and I could quite imagine she was a very sort after girl.

"Where have you been?"

"Changing mum, where else?"

"No one takes that long to change."

I decided to help out. "When I went up you were having a shower weren't you? I imagine you needed one after riding."

Sam looked at me curiously. "Yeah, I was showering."

"Oh well, that's alright then isn't it. Couldn't have had you smelling of horse anyway. And if Carmen says so, then I suppose I'd better believe you."

The meal began. I listened to  the conversation, and talked about myself, after much encouragement, but all the while I was accutely aware of Sam staring at me. When we'd finished the meal, Rachael pulled me to one side.

"Now my dear I hope you don't mind, but we've put together a small party of  friends tonight, and we were hoping to introduce you."

"Oh of course. I'd be happy to meet your friends."

Jay called over. "mother, I told you no partys!"

"Oh she'll be fine. All she needs is a nice dress."

"I didn't tell her to pack anything really fancy."

"Well you can take her shopping then can't you?"

I butted in. "No, I really don't need you to. I'll go myself. I don't want to trouble you."

"If this is about money dear, we're happy for you to use ours."

"No, I won't touch your money. I have enough for a dress."

"Well I'd still rather Jay goes with you."

"Ok. As long as he doesn't spend his money on me."

"Ha, I see you really do know him."

"Yes," I smiled, looking up at Jay. He grinned back. Sam wretched across the room. 

The End

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