Meeting the familyMature

Absoloutely sure she is in love with Jay, Carmen prepares to meet his family. Upon meeting them she discovers his sister isn't too happy about their relationship at all and the girls get off to a bad start.

Jay. The only person I have ever loved. He isn't the novel romance, you know the ones where he sweeps you off your feet in a fit of passion, but he's mine.

We met a eight months ago at the school I work at. He was bringing his neighbour's kid to school; she had a broken ankle. From then on he volunteered to bring the child a lot more. He'd say hi to me every morning, and then on day he asked me out. And that's where it started. He was gorgeous. Tall, tanned, covered in muscles. My friends were so jealous. From then on we went out almost every night. He was kind, funny and handsome, and one morning I woke up and realised I was in love. So he accepted my invitation of lunch with my parents, and with their obvious approval our relationship grew. Then yesterday Jay came to pick me up.

"Hey babe."

"Hey!" I gave him a kiss, then started picking up the pots of glitter scattered around. (I work in a primary school by the way).

"So, if you've not planned anything, I want to take you to meet my family over half term."

"Seriously?" I stopped and looked at him. "But don't they live in America?"


"You're taking me to America. No joke?"

"No joke."

"Oh my God!" I ran over and hugged him. "That's amazing!"

"Great. So I can get tickets and we can leave tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? But will there be any tickets left?"

"Well, you know how I said my parents were quite rich?"


"Well maybe I lied. They're actually more than a little rich. They're millionare's."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because when people find out, they tend to like me just because of the money. And I really liked you, so I had to make sure you weren't one of those people before I told you."

"Wow, I can't believe it."

"Well pack your bags babe, cos we're going to America!"

The End

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