Meeting the BandMature

A girl has a chat with herself trying to gain the courage to talk to the guy with a band in his living room.


The volume is turned up.  An unfamiliar sound, but not unpleasant.  Actually, not bad.  Lots of undertones; lights on the stage, eyes closed, moving with the beat...


 I should be more careful walking with my eyes closed, I guess.  Whatever I just stepped on is not gonna be very pretty tomorrow.  I would stop to look, but... No, I won't think about it.  Just keep walking, just keep walking.  Keep on swimmin', Keep on swimmin'.  Wow, there's an interesting thought to have at this time of day. Or night.  Whatever.  Will I get there soon, or does this hall last forever?  Oh yeah, the music- what happened to it?  Shoot, I was doing so well following the theme of that song, and now I've los-  Oh, wait!  There it is, again.  Around the corner and I will find... what?

That reminds me- I need to talk to Vero.  He must be wondering about those plans... No!  I will not think about him, either, today.  I must focus, even though I'm trying to avoid focusing.  What is before me is something I can deal with later, right?  Well, kind of, anyway.  I should be preparing myself, making my speech, deciding what I'm going to do and say, and think of how the reaction will occur. 

Like when I confronted Allan about the letter. Wow, except that didn't turn out so well; what was I thinking?  Of course... I was thinking about Julie and about Gabe and about history and Crosorth and apple juice and making out and Brent! Man was he sooo... evil, bad, wrong.  God, why do I do this to myself?  Here I am trying to ... Oh crap.  It stopped.  The music stopped.  Now how am I going to find my way to the 'party'?  I'm lost.  I know it, I'm just... Oh.  Must have been a break in the song.  Ok, so if I take these stairs up... What am I gonna say when he opens/  There he is... say something, you idiot.  Remember why you came here.

 "I like your music."

No, that wasn't it.  Say what you mean.  

"Would it be ok if I stayed to listen?" 

Not quite, dumbass.  Get some courage, please.  

"Are you sure you don't mind an audience?" 

You walked HOW far to get here?  And now you're chatting like you want an autograph or something?  I hate dealing with myself right now.

This is pretty good.  I wonder if they've recorded anything yet?  Well, it doesn't matter.  Im not going to ask.  I don't care.  Really, not at all.  Damn, I could never move my fingers like that,  I don't think.  You know, I might as well enjoy myself.  I don't have the guts to do what I came for, so I might as well just shut up, close my eyes, and enjoy myself.  So I decree.

The End

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