The Mermaid Who Nearly Drowned.Mature

Cassie Hart.

I can feel my heart pumping fast as I quickly paddle back to shore with the woman on my board. Quickly casting my eyes down to her, I watch as she gasps for air with her eyes  closed. A small smile touches my lips, knowing that she will be alright.

I lay her down on the warm sand and check her pulse. Looking down on her, I can't help my eyes travel down her body, noticing her tattoo, before shaking myself. 

Putting my hand on her cheek, I tilt my head over her as she slowly opens her eyes.

"You know, I always thought that mermaids could swim." I smile, knowing that she is okay. 

"Mermaid?" She pushes herself up into a sitting position, looking at me puzzled with her gorgeous eyes.

"Someone as beautiful as you has to be a mermaid." I wink at her as some people come rushing over, looking slightly worried at my mermaid. 

"Zoe, are you okay?" 

"Yeah, we were so worried about you."

She laughs lightly, assuring them that she is okay. I smile, shrugging before turning to leave with my surf board.

"Wait! Don't I at least get to know the name of my saviour?" I turn back to my mermaid Zoe whilst my feet still walk backwards.

"It's Cassie. Cassie Hart. See you around Mermaid."

The End

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