Breaking wavesMature

"So did you find yourself over there? Or were you too preoccupied discovering your G-spot? 

I laugh as I lay a heavy shove onto Nathans right arm, almost knocking him off balance. "Quitting my job to be enlightened and absorbed by the wonders that this earth has to offer me was done so for the very purpose of allowing me to detox from women. I tell you, the only girl I had my sights set on was Mother Nature”.

“Yeah, I think she’s beckoning for you to enjoy her moistness. The waves are top notch today. Don’t be jealous that I wanna enjoy your girl.” Nathan shoots me a sly look as he makes a break towards the water.

With a smile on my face, I drop my towel onto the sand and go in after Nathan.

At the point where my feet no longer touch the sea bed below, I hesitate to go in any further. I have never been a strong swimmer. While I was confident in my ability to physically remove myself from the depths of the ocean if needed be, it was my psychology that I knew would let me down. “Zoe! You’re gonna get slaughtered by the waves there. Keep coming,” Nathan hollers at me.

‘Well, you’ve conquered close to five out of the seven continents despite your fears. Live life on the edge Zoe,’ I remind myself. With that, I dive into the water, paddling my arms and legs towards deeper waters.

As I emerge from the water to take a breath, I am greeted with the heavy smack of a breaking wave. I tumble beneath the water, like a rag doll being tossed around by an infant. As I re-emerge, I am again knocked back by another wave. I start to panic having already swallowed a large volume of water. Breaking the surface of the water, I start to wave my arms frantically, beckoning for any nearby help. I feel myself getting pulled under by the ocean. Bopping up and down like a buoy, my heart pounds defiantly. I feel the panic seep into my blood cells, penetrating every molecule encompassing my entity. I am sucked underwater again by another crashing wave.

Re-surfacing and gasping for air, I feel my arm being pulled up by another. “Grab onto my surfboard.” A female voice breaks the sound of the swelling ocean and distracts my panic driven heart. I grab onto the board and rest my upper torso on it, catching my breath. She paddles along the wave line, towards calmer waters. I turn my weary head to meet my saviour. Her blue eyes and toned build, paddling against the fierceness of the water give off the impression that she radiates as one with the ocean. I close my eyes and anticipate the safety of solid ground. 

The End

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