Meeting Her.Mature

This is a tale about two girls who fall for each other.

Cassie Hart.

Pulling on my short denim shorts, I stare at the girl in the mirror. My long legs have bronzed beautifully in the summer sun. The white and blue bikini top was definitely a great buy, if I do say so myself. The blue brings out the colour of my eyes and the bikini is very complimentary.

“Yo Cass, you going to get your arse down here or are we going to the beach without you?” I laugh at the deep voice of Jamie from downstairs. “I’m coming.” Tying my long bleach blonde hair I wink at my reflection before grabbing my drawstring bag and walking out of my room.

The white walls of our villa shine happily as I link arms with Jamie whilst swigging Nick’s beer. “We were thinking that after a few hours at the beach, we can go to this models house party.” Amy says, wrapping her arms around Nick and kissing him passionately.

I roll my eyes before applying some sun block and grabbing my surf board.

After a few minutes’ walk, our feet sink into the warm sand. The sounds of the beach greet us.

Laying down a beach towel, I place a pair of thick sunglasses on my nose as I lay on my back. My eyes roam the bodies.  

“So Cass, is today the day you finally realise that you are head over heels in love with me?” Jamie smiles cockily, taking off his shirt to reveal his brown chiselled torso. I laugh lightly, shaking my head. “Ah honey, you know that I don’t swing that way.” My eyes gaze over to the sea, watching people laughing and enjoying themselves in the waves.

“You only say that now but-” I ignore Jamie as he rambles on with our usual banter as Amy and Nick are glued to each other’s faces. I bite my bottom lip as a pair of long legs catches my attention.

Her body is lean as she sways towards the sea. Her laughter causes a small smile to touch my lips.

Jumping to my feet, I put my board under my arm and jog out to sea.

The End

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