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Chapter Two: Mr Jerk

The rain hadn't really eased up or gotten worse by the time Beth pushed the station door open, causing a little bell to ding as she did. She considered looking at the food and wondering for a bit, but what was the point? Ethan sat himself on top of a shelf and motioned his hand towards the guy behind the counter. Who had his back to her at the moment. She forced a small cough. The guy paused in what he was doing for a split second, then he continued. She glared at his back a little before she cleared her throat loudly. This time the guy looked behind him. It was then she could see he was counting till money. Must be near closing time, not that she had a watch on her. Her eyes searched out the clock hanging behind the counter. Half twelve, wow.

“Can I help you?” the man asked, he didn't sound he actually wanted to help anyone. His voice was deep and gruff.

“I need petrol, my car died a mile or so down the road” she explained, noting the dark circles and uneven stubble covering his chin.

“70p per litre” He replied, gesturing to the gas tanks outside before turning his back to her. Ethan face matched Beth's.

“And how do I get the car here, seeing as it died?” she asked, not hiding the agitation in her voice.

“Push” he said not bothering to face her as he did. Beth could feel her feet tapping against the floor angrily.

“It's pouring down with rain, so even I was strong enough to push it, it would probably get stuck in the mus road leading here” She said, feeling her mouth stretch into a satisfied smirk.

“Guess your stuck then” He said, again not looking her way. Beth could actually feel her mouth drop into an “o”.

“Or, crazy suggestion. You could help me” She said. The guy actually turned to look at her, his face twisted into a contemplative look.

“I could...” he trailed off, then he gave a tiny shake of the head, “But I don't 'wanna” he continued, clearly enjoying the moment.

“Wow, your just a regular grade A jerk aren't you?” the words left her lips before she could even think to stop them. She saw Ethan bring his palm to his forehead in the corner of her vision, but she ignored it. This time when the guy turned around he did it fully. And actually looked at her.

“Give me a good reason to help you” He said, she raised her eyebrows at him questioningly.

“What?” she said

“Give me a good reason. Make a little list. Why should I expend my energy on helping an idiot who left the house with too little petrol and got themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere. Because idiots should really learn the hard way” He said. Beth felt her cheeks flush further and openly glared at him.

“Maybe certain circumstances were out of my control. And you know what. I'll just walk home. Don't have any money anyway” With that she turned her back and left, not bothering to wait for his response. In all her life she had never met such an openly mean, spiteful, son-of-a-bitch, jerky brat. Clearly he needed to be taught something. Though what her befuddled brain couldn't conjure up. She was too busy trying to ignore the ever growing chill on her skin, it felt like it was penetrating past her skin now.

“Are you insane? You can;t walk home in the pouring rain in the middle of the night. You have no clue where you are!” Ethan yelled, was floated right in front of her, but she wasn't really looking at him. She didn't care at that point. She'd done dumber and more reckless things in her life. Her life was littered with bad choices and mistakes. What was one more? She reached her car and sat in it. Hoping she could warm up a little while she figured things out. Her phone was sat on her dresser at home. But surely by now her mum would've called the police? If that was the case, her best bet was to just wait it out. She kinda regretted not buying anything now. Food would've been nice. But there was no way in hell she was going back and seeing him again. Just more proof the male population of this planet sucked big time.

Beth jumped at a tapping on her window and looked up see the guy from the station. He was huddling under an umbrella. But clearly it wasn't doing much since his dark hair was stuck to his forehead and ears. She rolled the window.

“What do you want?!” she yelled out, aware that thunder was raging loudly outside by this point.

“Your going to freeze to death if you stay in there” he stated

“Well done genius, now go away” she replied and began to roll the window back up but he shouted stop over and over so she stopped, giving him a curious look. He seemed to have to work himself up to speaking. But eventually he opened his mouth.

“Just stay in the garage, I finish in half hour. I can give you a lift then if you need” he suggested.

“I think the need is obvious, but I don't really want charity from the likes of you” She threw back, reaching for the roller again.

“Jesus Christ Beth! Take the offer, otherwise your going to die of pneumonia or something” Ethan yelled. She glanced back his way.

“Yeah, come on” Beth stopped glaring at Ethan and they exchanged a look of confusion instead before both turning their eyes onto Mr jerk.

“What?” he asked. Must've just been his choice of words, there was no way he could see Ethan Beth decided.

“Fine” she said, “But if you think I'm going to pay you back in some other way than money you got another thing coming” She said, stabbing an accusatory finger into his chest.

“I'm a jerk, not lewd” He said, his voice sounded slightly hurt. Beth ignored it and led the way, not caring weather he managed to fit them both under his pathetic umbrella.

“So what's your name?” he asked as they walked into the warm station, both shivering.

“Bethany, Beth for short” she replied, seeing no reason not to, “You?”

“Grim, my parents had a messed up sense of humour” he replied. Sounded like it Beth thought.

The End

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