Meeting DeathMature

Girl meet's Grim Reaper - It's quite normal really...:)


The acidic smell burned the back of her throat. How long had she been trapped in this godforsaken place? She'd stopped counting days a long time ago. All she could do as her fingers glided over the warm, coarse surface of the wall that served as her only guide in the never ending darkness, was contemplate on the events that led her here. The man that led her here. He turned her life upside down. And for all she knew, he would be responsible for ending it soon.

She pushed back vile as another wave of sulphur invaded her nostrils and lungs, but she had to keep moving. He had told her that whatever she did, she couldn't stop. But her body was growing weak and her throat was parched. She thought back again and wondered, was it worth it?

The End

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